ERP Solutions to Grow Your Business with Confidence

Your business is growing. You’re selling to more customers than ever before. Your team is expanding. Perhaps you’re adding new locations, products or lines of business. But you’re also uncovering new challenges along the way. You’re feeling some pain in various parts of the organization. Even though you know you’re growing, it’s difficult to get a clear picture of your performance. The number of software applications and tools you use is steadily increasing. And with little to no connection between them, your operation relies heavily on manual effort. Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news – your business is successful enough that you’ve outgrown your internal systems and processes. But to continue driving that same level of success, you need to transition your company – and your people – to a better way of doing business. That’s where we come in. We help small and mid-size companies across Canada solve the big challenges in their business. The details may vary, but the pain our customers feel often ties back to one (or more) of these four challenges. Perhaps they’ll ring true for you as well.

Unify Your Business Data in a Single System

Solution: Your ERP system forms the backbone of your business. Your core operational data and processes are in a single system – everything from finance, to sales, inventory, production, job management and more. And for those unique requirements that truly need a best-of-breed solution – we design seamless, strategic integrations that make the other tools you use a component of your ERP system, instead of a separate entity.

Challenge: You might be running an ERP solution, but you also have other tools that run separately from it. Or perhaps you’re using QuickBooks and Excel. The challenge is that these applications aren’t connected, leading to extra manual effort across the board. Whether you’re performing day-to-day operational tasks, evaluating business performance, or feeding historical data into strategic planning…it’s all manual.


Boost Efficiency

Challenge: Manual effort in your processes has a direct impact on the efficiency of your team. And the impact is incremental. The more you rely on manual effort, the more people and time you need to complete everyday tasks. Not to mention that you’re introducing more opportunity for error, which impacts the reporting accuracy you rely on for decision making. It’s a waterfall effect.

Solution: Our ERP solutions shift your entire business into the same system. That alone eliminates complexity in your processes. You’ll see the increase in efficiency early on. But the impact doesn’t end there. Our team of ERP experts works with you to setup your ERP system in a way that streamlines your processes, giving you even greater efficiency returns.


Gain Real-time Visibility

Solution: Powerful reporting and analytics are a key aspect of our ERP solutions. With all business data in one system, you have comprehensive, real-time reporting – on the entire business – at your fingertips. Reporting that used to take hours or days to compile from multiple systems, can be done in minutes. You’re armed with the information you need to make effective decisions, pinpoint areas for improvement and identify opportunities for growth.

Challenge: In a growing business, visibility is everything. If your sales team can’t identify your most profitable customers, you might miss opportunities to increase revenue. If your purchasing team doesn’t know how much inventory is on the shelves, they run the risk of ordering the wrong quantities of the wrong products. And if you don’t have timely, accurate reporting on revenue, profitability and margins, you’ll find it more challenging to make sound operational decisions.


Build a Foundation that Allows you to Scale

Challenge: To grow your business effectively, you need to think ahead. Your systems must support your business as it is now, but also where you’ll be 10 years from now. This is tough to do with a network of disconnected systems, or an outdated ERP that isn’t evolving at the same rate as your business. The bigger you get, the more you’ll feel the pain of inefficiency and lack of visibility – and ultimately it will hinder your ability to grow.

Solution: Our ERP solutions are designed with ease-of-use, flexibility and scalability in mind. Combine that with our approach to tailoring your ERP solution specifically for you, and you have a solution that adapts to your needs as they change.


Navigate Your ERP Selection with Ease

Let us help walk you through the process of choosing the right ERP solution for you, right from initial research to making that final decision. In this guide, you'll find answers to common questions, tips for structuring your evaluation, guidance on assessing software and more!

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ERP Solutions That Fit You and Your Business

The right ERP solution is driven by the core function of your business. Do you manage large amounts of inventory? Do you have a service component to your business, requiring job costing or project management? Do you manufacture products? Select the options that best describe your business to learn more about our ERP solutions. For unique requirements that require unique solutions, our made to measure ERP solutions are a perfect fit.

ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution SMEs

Wholesale Distribution

Distribution is about more than just having stock on the shelves. You need the right product, at the right time, for the right customer. Eliminate the guesswork in inventory management and make profit the priority with our ERP solution.

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ERP for Small to Mid-size Industrial Services Companies

Industrial Services

Whether you manage complex projects or simple jobs, you have a lot of moving parts that can impact both profitability and efficiency. Simplify planning, scheduling and costing to create a clear picture of your performance on every job/project.

Explore ERP for Industrial Services >

ERP for Small to Mid-size Commercial Sales & Service Companies

Commercial Sales & Service

For companies that sell products and provide complementary services, operations can be complex. ERP helps you confidently predict demand, control inventory costs and deliver, timely, efficient services.

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ERP Software for Small to Mid-size Engineering Firms


Engineering firms need sophisticated planning tools to coordinate and manage multiple ongoing projects. Effectively manage the entire project lifecycle – from bid to bill – with an integrated ERP + PSA solution.

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ERP + PSA Software for Small to Mid-size Consulting Firms


For any consulting business, people are the biggest asset – and the highest cost. Managing resources effectively is key to success. An integrated ERP + PSA solution helps you optimize utilization and streamline back-office tasks.

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ERP + PSA Software for Small to Mid-size Technology Firms

Software & Technology

Whether you develop custom software, resell and implement software or provide IT services, full visibility into costs and utilization is key. A complete ERP + PSA solution gives a full view of the organization for improved deliverables.

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ERP Software for Small to Mid-size Manufacturers


In a manufacturing environment, visibility is key to your success. Integrate your inventory management, manufacturing processes and accounting to maximize your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Flexible ERP Deployment Models

Delivery method is an important part of selecting the best ERP for your business. With three options to choose from – public cloud, private cloud and on-premise – there's a lot to consider.

That's where we can help. Working with two of the leading ERP solutions for growing businesses – NetSuite and SAP Business One – we're one of the few Canadian ERP partners that can deliver all three deployment models. We'll work with you to understand your business needs, culture and people, so we can recommend the best-fit ERP solution.

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