SAP Business One for Commercial Sales & Service Companies

Managing multiple service jobs simultaneously can be challenging, especially as you grow and take on larger, more complex jobs. The right system can help. See how an integrated ERP, like SAP Business One, can simplify job management in your organization.

I Want to Simplify My Jobs

When servicing products and equipment is a key component of your business, you need to ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible to keep your customers happy and maximize profitability. No matter how big or small the job, there are a lot of moving parts that impact your efficiency and profitability – everything from budgets, contracts and progress billing, to service delivery, staff productivity and purchasing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage every aspect of your jobs, and capture all the costs, within a single system?

Now you can, with SAP Business One and Eralis Job. The solution integrates the sales and service sides of your business, allowing you to manage your inventory, sales and service jobs in one system, ensuring your data is timely and accurate. With an embedded cost management solution, you can ensure that you’re capturing all the costs associated with your jobs, including resources, materials and employee time.

Key Benefits for Commercial Sales & Service Companies

Manage Job Costs to Improve Profitability
Manage Job Costs to Improve Profitability
  • Ensure all actual costs are tracked against jobs.
  • Analyze job progress in real-time with all relevant costs captured in a single location.
  • Increase invoicing accuracy with more precise labour, material and expense allocation.
  • Boost cash flow.
Easily Keep Track of Job Details
Easily Keep Track of Job Details
  • Plan and allocate materials more efficiently.
  • Spend less time quoting jobs.
  • Automatically track purchased goods against jobs
  • Streamline service calls and gain quick access to service history.
Allocate Inventory to Jobs
Allocate Inventory to Jobs
  • Easily track billing periods for each job, including phases and milestones.
  • Maintain accounting compliance.
  • Proactively monitor performance with the ability to estimate the cost to complete jobs at any point in time.
Plan Resources & Materials More Effectively
Plan Resources & Materials More Effectively
  • Maximize resource utilization across all ongoing jobs.
  • Provide your team with real-time job assignments.
  • Give your field staff live job access – anywhere, anytime – with the optional Eralis Anywhere extension

How SAP Business One Works for Your Team


Make more informed decisions with easy access to real-time data. Increase efficiency across the organization with streamlined processes.


Speed up period close with automated processes. Get a clear picture of financial performance at any point in time with real-time reporting.

Sales Execs

Get total visibility of sales opportunities and customer satisfaction with out-of-the box CRM capabilities and activity tracking.


Gain visibility of business performance. Track all pertinent costs in real-time to avoid surprise overruns. Increase invoicing accuracy.


Access inventory availability in real-time. Optimize stock levels and create accurate forecasts with built-in inventory management capabilities.

Field Technicians

Integrated scheduling and mobile functionality gives full visibility throughout the day and allows for seamless communication.

What Our Customers Say

See how the SAP Business One solution enables you to simplify job management and streamline your entire organization.