ERP for Commercial Sales & Service Companies

Streamline Service and Inventory Management with ERP Software

For companies that sell products and provide complementary services – like installation, maintenance or fabrication – the operational side of the business can become complex in a hurry. Understanding your sales forecasts, on-hand inventory, job costs, scheduling and resource availability is key to keeping customers happy – but it’s not easy when you have fragmented systems.

To be effective and deliver quality service, you need all this data in one place.

The right ERP software enables you to confidently predict demand, control inventory costs and deliver timely, efficient service.

Sales & Service Companies Run Better with ERP

Simplifying your day-to-day operations with ERP software enables you to achieve new levels of growth.

With your entire business connected in one system, you can manage inventory more effectively, improve profitability and spend less time scheduling your field service team.

Interested in growing your business? Here’s how ERP software helps:


Improve profitability

Easily track all costs against your jobs – including inventory, materials and labour – so you can produce more accurate invoices in less time.


Deliver predictable service

Use intuitive tools to assign the right resources to the right jobs and proactively identify scheduling conflicts. Empower your team to be more efficient in the field with easy access to view and update job information.


Boost accounting productivity

Contract management tools make it easy to track billing milestones and phases on each job without the hassle of spreadsheets. With automatic flow-through of costs from the job to your accounting team, you can speed up invoicing and collect payment faster.


Make data-driven purchasing decisions

Ensure you’re investing in the right inventory to meet customer demand without over-stocking. Demand planning tools do the heavy lifting for you to create purchasing plans based on sales forecasts, allocation to service jobs and historical data.


Manage your inventory with confidence

Get complete visibility into inventory levels across multiple warehouses, so you know exactly what you have on-hand and where it’s located. Monitor inventory updates in real-time to identify potential shortages before they happen.


Understand your business performance

Get a clear picture of your top metrics across the entire business in a single dashboard. In just a few minutes, you can check gross margin by job, resource utilization, schedule and cost variances, inventory turnover and more.

How well do you know your inventory?

Managing inventory by gut feel isn’t sustainable for growing businesses. See how you can get better inventory visibility and control.

How ERP Software Supports Your Commercial Sales & Service Business

Staying competitive means increasing efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks. A complete ERP solution helps you control costs, optimize inventory levels and deliver top-notch service to your customers.

Our customers have seen measurable results with ERP software, including:

  • 20–35% lower inventory investment

  • 5–10% increase in productivity 

  • 5% increase in gross margin 

  • 20–50% faster financial close 

  • 10–20% reduction in days sales outstanding 

ERP Solutions to Fit Your Service Needs


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Featured Commercial Sales & Service Customers

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Milena Radakovic, Nexus Exhibits

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We understand that selecting a new ERP system can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

At ProjectLine, our top priority is helping you find the best-fit ERP software for your business. As a leading Canadian ERP partner, we have years of experience working with other commercial sales and service companies just like you.

Before we recommend an ERP solution, we put ourselves in your shoes and go deep to understand your unique business structure, process, culture, and most importantly, your people. Only then will we safely guide you to the technologies and processes your business demands to run smoothly, not just today, but 10 years from now.

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