ERP Implementation Services

We work with you to manage risk and stick to a project timeline that suits you best. Throughout every stage of the project, we stay in regular contact to ensure we're completely in sync – almost like an extension of your team.

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Ease the Transition to Your New ERP

Our ERP implementations are about more than just configuring features. Here at ProjectLine, we focus on simplifying your business processes and maximizing the benefits of your new ERP solution.

The foundational work for your implementation begins the moment you connect with our team. Before you’ve even signed on as a customer, we’re gathering information about your business and what you need from an ERP solution.

We put ourselves in your shoes and go deep to discover who you are, how you operate and where you’re headed. We ask many questions and listen intently to understand your needs, so we can make your transition to ERP as comfortable as possible.

We Work Backwards from What Success Looks Like for You

We understand that every company is unique and the best ERP implementations keep that in mind. Rather than trying to fit your business to the software, we consider your processes and what you need to be successful. Then we fit the software to you.


Get the base in place

We’ll work with you to understand and implement the core components of your ERP solution first – the essential items that are critical to success. Then we add more functionality in phases, at a pace that works for you. We’ve found this is the best way to keep the implementation manageable for your team and help you see results sooner.


Focus on user adoption

Our work doesn’t end with go-live. We work closely with you to ease the transition for your people. From properly phasing in new functionality to creating a training program that fits your team, we structure our implementations to maximize user adoption.


Customize to fit your needs

If we don’t have the ERP solution that fits your needs out-of-the-box, we’ll find the best third-party software for the job. In the absence of the perfect solution, we’ll build one for you ourselves. ProjectLine has the expertise to create innovative solutions built around core ERP software.

Ease the Transition to ERP

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Working with ProjectLine has been amazing for us in that they helped us bring all of our teams together quite quickly, kept things very simple for us and helped us onboard the system in bite-size pieces so it’s actually felt manageable.
Liam Ellis Headshot Liam Ellis, Lumenix
Whether it’s their support team solving problems of the end user, their technical team migrating a new database or their sales team discussing an ERP implementation, ProjectLine has always been a pleasure to work with.
Jason MacCuaig, GCW Kitchens & Cabinetry
ProjectLine worked with us from start to finish, with not only figuring out what we needed, but then building it for us. We have to have something special and unique, and they understand that and will build exactly what we need.
Harwin Bouwman Headshot Harwin Bouwman, Kroeker Farms