Optimize Inventory Management with SAP Business One for Wholesale Distributors

How well is your existing inventory management system working for you? Working with Wholesale Distributors, we see common signs that it’s time to upgrade to a more comprehensive solution. Check out our eBook to test how well you know your inventory.

In your wholesale distribution business, tracking inventory and product distribution is crucial. Doing so accurately can be a challenge, whether you’re facing inadequate communication between departments, trying to manage multiple warehouses or still relying on old paperwork systems. Without accurate, timely information, your managers are left using guesswork to set inventory levels.

SAP Business One provides real-time information, allowing you to confidently predict demand, set appropriate stock levels and make your entire distribution process more efficient. Further optimize freight, shipping and warehouse operations by integrating with Resolv companion solutions.

Benefits of Using SAP Business One in Wholesale Distribution

  • Take the manual work out of inventory management. SAP Business One monitors your inventory, lead times for purchase and forecasting, and even alerts you when it’s time to re-order.
  • Reduce the frequency of backorders with more accurate inventory planning.
  • Streamline order-to-cash to get paid faster, giving you more resources to replenish stock.
  • Control freight and keep shipping costs down. SAP Business One has built-in automation that sends shipping requests direct to your chosen carrier’s system and returns final charges and tracking numbers.
  • Provide accurate estimates of shipping costs to your customers using the rate shopping feature.
  • Capture additional sales opportunities with online ordering capability and real-time stock availability.
  • Allow your customers to see real-time order status via 24/7 online portals and e-commerce solutions.
  • Manage rental equipment by customer or job.

Learn more about streamlining procurement and warehouse and production management with SAP Business One.

How the Solution Works for Your Team

See how our inventory and distribution management solutions can work for your team.


Make more informed decisions with easy access to real-time data. Increase efficiency across the organization with streamlined processes.


Speed up period close with automated processes. Get a clear picture of financial performance at any point in time with real-time reporting.


Gain visibility of business performance. Track all pertinent costs in real-time to avoid surprise overruns. Increase invoicing accuracy.


Access inventory availability in real-time. Optimize stock levels and create accurate forecasts with built-in inventory management capabilities.

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