Our philosophy

We firmly believe that choosing the right partner is just as important as choosing the right ERP solution. That's why here at ProjectLine we focus on the human side of ERP – putting your people first to create technology solutions that truly work for them.

As a leading Canadian ERP partner for over 15 years, we know ERP inside out. In fact, we've been through an implementation ourselves. You might say we test the solution every day.

Our ERP experts have a depth of industry knowledge, a keen understanding of business process, and deep technological expertise that uniquely positions us to understand your business almost as well as you do. We’re here for you every step of the way – through implementation and beyond. Our goal is to transition you to an ERP solution with the highest level of empathy, consideration and fit.

From the onset of your ERP project, we implement the human touch. We go the extra mile to put ourselves in your shoes and understand the critical factors in your business. We work with you to manage risk and keep to the timeline that suits you best. Throughout every stage of the project, we keep in regular contact to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations.

Our work doesn’t end with implementation. We work with you to ease the transition for your people through dedicated training sessions and ongoing learning opportunities. And as changes arise in your business, we’re here to help you find new solutions that enable your business to thrive.

Reasons to believe

The first thing we implement is the human touch. Before you invest in us, we invest in you. Prospective customers appreciate that we go the extra mile to meet face-to-face and deliver an insightful, customized and highly engaging presentation that speaks uniquely to them.

We bring empathy to technology to serve your aspirations. We never lose sight of the fact that we build ERP solutions for people first. In the service of technology, we will never ignore culture and humanity.

We work backwards from what success looks like for you. Before we tailor our solutions, we open up every last wall. We put ourselves in your shoes and go deep to understand the critical factors in your business to create an ERP implementation experience, customer journey and end product that will exceed your expectations.

We have the IP to customize with intent. If we don’t have the ERP solution that fits your needs, we will source and rigorously evaluate the best third-party software for the job. In the absence of the perfect solution, we’ll build one for you ourselves.

We look at success futuristically. With a keen eye on technological and business trends and innovations, we look ahead to understand where your industry is going and what your business will need, not just tomorrow, but 10 years from now. Our software solutions are engineered to anticipate and evolve with the times.

Our leadership team

Our leadership group brings a broad range of experience that guides us in creating the optimal ERP experience for our customers.

Darrell McClarty - President at ProjectLine

Darrell McClarty


Honest, thoughtful, innovative. Co-founder and President of ProjectLine, Darrell McClarty is instrumental in building and guiding our team. He has a unique ability to anticipate our customers’ needs before they do. His strength in evaluating all aspects of a business challenge and presenting truly unique solutions is second to none – and something we all aspire to.

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Collin Dennison - Senior Technology Architect at ProjectLine

Collin Dennison

Senior Technology Architect

Talented, humble, curious. Co-founder and Senior Technology Architect at ProjectLine, Collin Dennison provides guidance to our development team. Always asking questions to understand the ins-and-outs of the challenge at hand, Collin instills this same sense of curiosity in his team. He fosters a collaborative environment that allows our developers to learn from one another and produce ground-breaking technology solutions.

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Martin Gonzalez - Director of Finance & Admin at ProjectLine

Martin Gonzalez

Director of Finance & Admin

Calm, cool, collected. As Director of Finance & Administration, Martin Gonzalez is the right-hand to our shareholder team, providing guidance on operational processes. With his open-door policy, he’s the go-to guy for everyone on our team. He has an innate ability to get to the root of any situation and offer actionable steps to achieve a favorable outcome. His big picture view ensures that we all run at peak performance.

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Jeff Tremaine - SAP Consulting Team Lead at ProjectLine

Jeff Tremaine

ERP Consulting Team Lead

Diligent, brainy, unruffled. As Team Lead for our ERP Consulting group in Saskatoon, Jeff Tremaine imparts his deep knowledge of accounting and business process to his team. He enables them to gain a true understanding of the challenges our customers face. Our customers appreciate Jeff’s natural ability to put people at ease and calm the uncertainty that comes with an ERP project.

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Peter Kattides - SAP Consulting Team Lead at ProjectLine

Peter Kattides

ERP Consulting Team Lead

Rock steady, supportive, witty. Leader of our ERP Consulting team in Ontario, Peter Kattides is a forward thinker. He guides our team to always look beyond just finding a solution, and focus on finding the best solution. He digs into our customers’ challenges to understand every angle and create the best possible outcome.

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Rob Peterson-Wakeman - Customer Success Team Lead at ProjectLine

Robert Peterson-Wakeman

Customer Success Team Lead

Passionate, engaging, champion of the customer. Our current Customer Success Team Lead, Rob Peterson-Wakeman's journey with ProjectLine started as a customer. He then joined our sales team before moving on to relationship management. Rob thrives on collaborating with small to mid-size business owners to create efficiencies in their companies that lead to real, measurable results. He brings this spirit to his role, inspiring our Customer Success Team to operate with a customer-first mindset.

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Our story

It’s August 15, 2001 – our shareholders, all former colleagues, were sitting around a kitchen table discussing their future paths. Did they part ways and each move on to new opportunities? Or did they band together and start a new venture of their own?

The very next day, a hot sales lead came their way, almost by accident. And so, over the course of the following weekend, they selected a company name, rented office space (in the form of a converted hotel room) and created a website. Just like that, ProjectLine Solutions was formed. Less than a month later, we landed our first contract developing one of the first web-based enterprise applications in the mining industry. We even provided our customer with the ability to print from the web – a major innovation at that time!

Things moved quickly in the early days and we’ve kept up the same pace ever since. We started out as a custom software development company with a team of four. In 2004, we had the opportunity to become an SAP Business One reseller. At another crossroads, our shareholders had a decision to make. Did we continue with the custom development business? Or did we branch out into the ERP market? Maybe it was crazy, but we’re an ambitious bunch, so we chose to do both. And in just four short years, we achieved SAP gold partner status, which we still hold today.

Fast forward to present day…we've maintained both sides of the business and expanded our ERP solutions to include NetSuite - the #1 cloud ERP for growing businesses. We're one of the few Canadian ERP partners that  has the development expertise to extend ERP software beyond standard expectations and create truly powerful technology solutions.

With locations across Canada, we’re now a team of nearly 40 and we're driven by our vision to be the undisputed leaders in creating the optimal ERP experience. That nimble, ambitious small business mindset that got us started is still central to how we work – it's what keeps people at the center of everything we do.


At ProjectLine, we’re all about people. Our focus is on delivering solutions to our customers that bring technology and people together. We look for team players that embody that sentiment and are driven to help other small and mid-size Canadian companies thrive. Sound like you? Apply to join our growing team!


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