ERP for Industrial Services Companies

Simplify Field Service Management with ERP Software

Whether your jobs are small and simple, or large and complex, managing the details effectively is critical to maximizing profitability.

Creating winning bids, tracking job costs, scheduling field resources and generating accurate, timely invoices all feed into a successful job. For profitable service delivery, you need easy access to reliable data – in a centralized platform.

The right ERP software ensures you achieve that. You can easily manage all aspects of your jobs in one place – inventory, materials, job costing, scheduling, equipment, sales, invoicing and much more.

Grow Your Industrial Services Company with ERP

ERP software enables you to simplify processes across your business, so you can accomplish more with fewer resources. Connecting your teams in one system eliminates the back and forth between your field team and office staff, so you can deliver more jobs on time and on budget.

Interested in growing your industrial services business? Here’s how ERP software helps:


Create more winning bids

Use historical costs on comparable jobs to refine the accuracy of your bids and help you close more business.


Deliver more profitable jobs

Cost your jobs more accurately by tracking time and materials to the job as they’re used – in the office or in the field using simple browser applications.


Simplify field operations

Upgrade your field teams from paper-based forms that get easily lost in the shuffle. Easy-to-use browser applications allow you to track time, materials and job notes in the moment for up to date information.


Maximize resource utilization

Use intuitive tools to assign the right resources to the right jobs. Easily identify scheduling conflicts and resources that are under or over utilized so you can adjust plans proactively.


Boost accounting productivity

Contract management tools make it easy to track billing milestones and phases on each job without the hassle of spreadsheets. With automatic flow-through of costs from the job to your accounting team, you can speed up invoicing and collect payment faster.


Understand your business performance

Get a clear picture of your top metrics across the entire business in a single dashboard. In just a few minutes, you can check gross margin by job, resource utilization, schedule and cost variances, and more.

Are you ready to simplify your business?

Learn how your business benefits from simplifying the day-to-day and get a simple 5-step roadmap to start the process.

How ERP Can Benefit Your Industrial Services Business

Streamlining operations and giving your team easy access to real-time job information enables you to stay competitive. A complete ERP solution helps you win more bids, control costs and deliver more profitable jobs.

Our industrial services customers have seen measurable results with ERP software, including:

  • 5–10% increase in productivity 

  • 5% increase in gross margin 

  • 20–50% faster financial close 

  • 10–20% reduction in days sales outstanding 

ERP Solutions to Fit Your Industrial Service Business

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What Our Customers Say

Working with ProjectLine has been amazing for us in that they helped us bring all of our teams together quite quickly, kept things very simple for us and helped us onboard the system in bite-size pieces so it’s actually felt manageable.


Liam Ellis, Lumenix

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We’re looking for leading edge, stable, solid solutions and ProjectLine has been more than able to provide those.


Jeanne Rah, United Van Lines Canada

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ProjectLine is Here for You…Every Step of the Way

Selecting a new ERP system for your industrial services company is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

As a leading Canadian ERP partner, ProjectLine is here to help you find the best ERP software for your business. Our experience working with other industrial service companies just like yours positions us to understand your business almost as well as you do.

We put ourselves in your shoes to understand exactly what your business – and your employees – need from an ERP solution. Only then will we guide you to the right technologies and processes to help your business run seamlessly – now and as you grow.

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