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SAP Business One Financial KPIs

Why Partner with ProjectLine

Many companies focus on the technology component of an ERP implementation. But people and processes are equally important.
At ProjectLine, we put people first to increase user adoption and maximize the value of your SAP Business One solution.

Your people and processes come first

Our customers have said that we understand their business as well as they do. And we'll develop that same depth of knowledge for your business. We go deep to understand your processes, your people and your culture so that we can build an SAP Business One solution that helps you achieve your goals.

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Our team is an extension of your own

If you don't succeed, neither do we. That's why we continually invest in our partnership. No matter who you talk to on our team, they'll be up to speed on your business so they can guide you to the right solution.

Customize your ERP with intent

Our rule is to use standard SAP Business One functionality first and only customize when truly necessary. Whether you need minor changes to workflows or custom applications that integrate with your ERP, we have the expertise to make it happen.

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We can grow exponentially without increasing the number of people we have here, just because SAP Business One is doing most of the work for us.
Brad Kennedy, Construction Fasteners & Tools Brad Kennedy, Construction Fasteners & Tools

Our SAP Business One Services

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We'll guide you through the SAP Business One implementation process, including process analysis, data migration, testing, training and go-live.

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For unique processes that aren't met with standard functionality, we'll use our expert software knowledge to customize your SAP Business One solution.

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Our team designs SAP Business One integrations that create a seamless flow of information between your ERP and other applications.

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We provide expert SAP Business One support, including troubleshooting, system improvement and more.

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We ensure your team is fully trained before go-live and we can provide ongoing SAP Business One training as needed.

Cloud ERP Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

When you host your SAP Business One system in our data center, our team handles all maintenance and backups.

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How SAP Business One Helps You GROW

SAP Business One takes your company far beyond what a collection of loosely coupled tools can accomplish. You can harness the power of a single system to grow your business with confidence.

With the option to host your SAP Business One system in our private cloud, you can offload the IT heavy lifting and focus your resources on strategic projects.

SAP Business One Operations KPIs
  • Boost efficiency

    Reduce manual effort with automated processes and reinvest your time savings into higher-value work that grows the business.

  • Build a platform for growth

    SAP Business One has unmatched flexibility, allowing you to customize, integrate and extend your solution as your needs change over time.

  • Get real-time visibility

    Easy-to-use reporting tools and dashboards give you insight into what's happening across your business so you can make faster, more strategic decisions.

  • Connect your teams

    Give your employees easy access to accurate information in one system, so they can be more effective in their roles.

Is SAP Business One a Good Fit for Your Business?

The right ERP solution is driven by the core function of your business – whether that's inventory management, production, job costing, or something else. In our experience, SAP Business One is a great fit for companies in these industries.

Don't see your industry listed? Not to worry. SAP Business One is a flexible solution and we have the expertise to make it work for those that fall outside a standard industry box.

Warehouse workers with tablet

Wholesale Distribution

SAP Business One eliminates the guesswork in inventory management to ensure you have the products you need at the right time to fulfill orders.

Production floor workers

Discrete Manufacturing

SAP Business One consolidates the core functions in your business and automates processes so you can optimize your entire production process.

Field service worker on a job site

Industrial Service

SAP Business One helps you simplify job costing, planning and scheduling. You'll get a clear picture of your financial performance on every job.

If we had not gone with SAP Business One and a strong partner like ProjectLine, then I fear that our business would not have been able to grow to the size that it is today.
Tom Boehm, Team Power Solutions Tom Boehm, Team Power Solutions

SAP Business One Features

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Finance & Accounting

SAP Business One simplifies everyday accounting processes, so you can close the books faster, speed up collection time and manage cash flow more effectively.

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Get total visibility into stock on hand, confidently forecast demand using historical data and track it through production, service or final sale.

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Inventory & Distribution

Eliminate the manual effort in managing your inventory. Optimize your inventory levels, lower carrying costs and deliver more orders on time.

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Sales & CRM

Streamline sales activities so your team can focus their effort on finding new opportunities and turning more prospects into customers.

Explore SAP Business One Sales ›

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FocusPoint ecommerce integrates with SAP Business One so you can easily manage your B2B or B2C ecommerce stores alongside other sales channels.

Explore SAP Business One Ecommerce ›

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Reporting & Analytics

Monitor the KPIs that matter most to you with easy-to-build dashboards and a wide range of customizable reports for every user on your team.

Explore SAP Business One Reporting ›

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Improve production line efficiency, reduce lead times and control production costs with automation across all stages of your production process.

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Job Costing

Simplify job costing, estimating and resource management. Track every cost against the job so you have a clear picture of your performance.

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Mobile Applications

The SAP Business One mobile app allows you to update customer activity and sales pipelines, check on-hand inventory and more when you’re working out of pocket.

How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

The price of your SAP Business One system depends on your preferred deployment option, the number of users you need and the scope of your implementation project.

As your SAP Business One partner, we can create a phased implementation plan to help you manage the cost and ease the transition.

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SAP Business One Implementation Process

Our SAP Business One implementations aren’t just about configuring features. We go deep to understand your processes, your people and the challenges you want to solve. Only then will we design the ERP solution that suits your needs today and 10 years from now.

We use a proven SAP Business One implementation approach to get the base in place with core capabilities, then adapt, customize and extend your solution as your needs change over time.

ERP Implementation Process: Phase 2 - Process Analysis & Design

Process Analysis & Design

We’ll do a deep dive with your team to understand your current state – what’s working, what’s not and what you want to protect. This is used as the basis for the system design.

ERP Implementation Process: Phase 2 - Configuration & Data Migration


We’ll configure your SAP Business One system for your business processes. During this step, your team will clean your existing data before it’s migrated into the new system.

ERP Implementation Process: Phase 3 - User Training & Testing

Training & User Testing

We use a “train the trainer” model to increase ownership and keep your costs low. Our team will train your key users on all business processes, then they’ll train the rest of your users.

ERP Implementation Process: Phase 4 - Go-live

System Go-live

It’s time – you'll officially flip the switch on your new SAP Business One system! Ongoing training and process documentation are essential in the early days following go-live.

ERP Implementation Process: Phase 5 - Post-implementation

Lifetime Support

Following go-live, we'll continue to support you as you transition to your new ERP. After a few months, we’ll do a post-implementation review to ensure your system is functioning properly.

ProjectLine’s SAP Business One experts can help you GROW your business.

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