SAP Business One

A Cost-effective, Powerful ERP Solution Designed for Your SME

SAP Business One is the leading ERP solution for small to mid-size companies that have outgrown their internal systems and processes.

It integrates all your essential business functions in a single system, so you can manage your entire business from one easy-to-use platform. The result? Greater visibility and control across your entire organization. 

SAP Business One takes your company far beyond what a collection of loosely coupled tools can accomplish. With SAP Business One, you can harness the power of a single core system to grow your business with confidence.

There’s a reason why more than 65,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) run their business with SAP Business One.

   Integrate all core business functions in a single system.

   Reap the benefits of ERP with a low total cost of ownership.

   Robust ERP functionality helps you grow, without unnecessary complexity.

   Tailor your ERP the system to your needs and easily integrate where necessary.

   Have your new ERP system up and running in weeks.

   Leverage 500+ industry solutions designed for SAP Business One.


Transition Your Company to a Better Way of Doing Business With SAP Business One and ProjectLine

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP solution to manage your growing business in one centralized platform. 

While most companies can implement SAP Business One using standard functionality and see significant improvements in their business, at ProjectLine we understand that not every business fits nicely into an industry “box”. 

Our approach to ERP leverages SAP Business One as the backbone of your business. For specific business or industry requirements that need a best-of-breed solution, we design seamless, strategic integrations that make the other tools you use a component of your SAP Business One system, instead of a separate entity. 

SAP Business One’s flexibility – combined with our development expertise – allow us to tailor the solution to your needs. You might need something simple like a custom report or workflow. Or you might need an integrated solution to handle one specific area of the business. 

Whatever the case, we can help. We’ll design a solution that addresses your specific business needs, enhancing your growth and profitability!

If we don’t have third-party software for the job, we’ll build the perfect solution for you.


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What Our SAP Business One Customers Say...

One month after going live [with SAP Business One], we calculate that over $60K of our annual labour budget has already been reinvested back into higher-value tasks.


Sean Lavin, President at Aircom Instrumentation

Read the Aircom Story

If we had not gone with SAP Business One, and not gone with a strong partner like ProjectLine Solutions, then I fear that our business would not have been able to grow to the size that it is today.


Tom Boehm , General Manager at Team Power Solutions

Read the Team Power Story

We can grow exponentially without increasing the number of people we have here, just because SAP Business One is doing most of the work for us.


Brad Kennedy, Branch Manager at Construction Fasteners & Tools

Read the CFT Story


What are the Key Benefits of SAP Business One?

Looking for an ERP solution to unify your small or mid-size business – without breaking the bank – isn’t easy. But that’s where SAP Business One comes in.

SAP Business One provides a single source of truth, so you can ditch the mess of disjointed systems and get control of your business data. Connecting every area in one system enables you to simplify processes and gain a new level of confidence in your data.


Boost efficiency across your organization

 Automate processes and eliminate duplicate entry to reduce manual effort. Reinvest your time savings into higher value work that contributes to growing the business.


Gain real-time visibility into performance

Make faster, more strategic decisions that boost profitability and improve efficiency. 


Build a foundation to scale your business

SAP Business One has robust capabilities to help your business grow, without the unnecessary complexity. And you have the flexibility you need to adapt your ERP system as you grow.

SAP Business One Capabilities

Gain complete control of your SME with SAP Business One. The powerful, yet easy-to-use, ERP system helps you simplify processes, boost productivity and grow faster.

SAP Business One Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Get a more accurate picture of your financial health by connecting your financial data to the rest of your business. SAP Business One simplifies everyday accounting processes, so you can close the books quickly, speed up collection time and manage cash flow more effectively.

SAP Business One CRM

Sales & CRM

Drive revenue by enhancing your customer experience – from first touch, to sale and throughout post-purchase engagement. Streamline sales activities so your team can focus their effort on finding new opportunities and turning more prospects into customers.

SAP Business One Purchasing


Optimize your inventory and material costs with simpler purchasing processes and more effective vendor relationship management. Get total visibility into stock on hand, confidently forecast demand using historical data and track it all the way through production, service jobs or final sale.

SAP Business One Inventory Management

Inventory & Distribution

Consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience by ensuring you have the right product, for the right customer, at the right time. Eliminate the manual effort in managing your inventory and let SAP Business One do the heavy lifting for you. Automated processes help you optimize inventory levels, lower inventory costs and improve customer satisfaction with better on-time delivery rates.

SAP Business One Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Make faster, more informed decisions to improve performance using real-time data. Monitor the KPIs that matter most to you with easy-to-build dashboards and a wide range of reports. The data you need is at your fingertips.

SAP Business One eCommerce


The FocusPoint SAP Business One eCommerce solution provides a single platform for B2B and B2C eCommerce and marketing. Tight integration with your SAP Business One system removes the need for duplicate data entry and makes it easy to manage your web store alongside other sales channels.

How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

SAP Business One Web DashboardTo grow your business, you need an ERP system that helps you lower operational costs and capture more sales revenue.
And it needs to be affordable. 

SAP Business One is the perfect fit – but how much will it cost?

The price of your SAP Business One system depends on your unique business requirements, including:

  • The number of users you need
  • The deployment option you select (on-premise or private cloud)
  • The functionality you need to configure
  • The number of locations you have
  • Any customization you need to meet unique requirements that don’t come out-of-the-box
  • Any integrations you need with other software applications.

As your Canadian SAP Business One partner, ProjectLine is here to guide you every step of the way to make sure you have the ideal ERP solution for your business requirements at the right price. 

We go the extra mile to find what your business needs, and then we build your perfect solution.


How Much Does ERP Cost? [A Guide for SMEs]

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SAP Business One Capabilities Continued

SAP Business One Production Management


Streamline your manufacturing processes with total visibility into production materials, resources, equipment and scheduling. SAP Business One helps you improve production line efficiency, reduce lead times and control costs to boost your bottom line.

SAP Business One Job Costing

Job Costing

Simplify the way you manage service jobs – from estimating, to resource management, scheduling and costing. Track every cost against the job as it’s incurred so you have a clear picture of your performance on every job, as it’s happening.

SAP Business One Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Access your core business data anywhere, anytime, on any device. SAP Business One mobile apps allow you to track customer activity, update sales pipelines, check on-hand inventory and monitor KPIs when you’re working out of pocket.

SAP Business One Deployment Options

The delivery model of your ERP solution is just as important as the system itself. Your workflows and the amount of control you want over your data will impact which deployment option you choose. 


Your SAP Business One system is installed and maintained locally, at your business location. Your users access the system on your local network.

Private cloud hosting

We host and maintain your SAP Business One system in our Tier 3 data center. Your users access the system through a virtual private network (VPN).

While your deployment option is entirely up to you, our private cloud hosting service offers peace of mind that your system is properly maintained, monitored and backed up. 

Rather than taking on the hardware and infrastructure costs yourself, let ProjectLine’s experienced data center team handle the technical details for you. In addition to server maintenance and 24/7 system monitoring, we provide strict back-up and recovery protocols to ensure you always have access to your system.

ProjectLine’s private cloud hosting service for SAP Business One offers a level of infrastructure and redundancy that simply isn’t possible on your own. This is a mission-critical system that runs your entire business – the peace of mind alone is worth moving to a private cloud.

Your ERP system is monitored round-the-clock by a dedicated team to ensure strict operational security.


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SAP Business One Cloud ERP Solutions

The SAP Business One Implementation Process

Our SAP Business One implementations aren’t just about configuring features. We go deep to understand your processes, your people and the challenges you want to solve. Only then will we design the ERP solution that suits your needs now and 10 years from now. 

We use a proven SAP Business One implementation approach to get the base in place with core capabilities, then adapt over time as your needs change.

ProjectLine is Here for You…Every Step of the Way

1. Process analysis and design: We’ll do a deep dive with your team to understand your current state – what’s working, what’s not and what you want to protect. This is used as the basis for the system design.

2. Implementation: We’ll set up your SAP Business One system, configure it to handle your business processes and create any specialized reports. During this step, your team will clean your existing data before it’s migrated into the new system.

3. Training and user acceptance testing: We use a “train the trainer” model to increase ownership and keep your costs low. Our team will train your key users on all business processes, then they’ll train the rest of your users. You'll test your processes using real data to make sure everything is working properly and increase adoption.

4. System go-live: It’s time – your business will officially flip the switch on your new SAP Business One ERP system!

5. Post-implementation review and support: Following go-live, we have a dedicated resource available to support you as you complete the transition to your new ERP. After a few months, we’ll do a post-implementation review to ensure your system is functioning properly before you move into maintenance mode.

SAP Business One Training and Education

Your implementation partner is just as important – if not more so – than the ERP solution you choose. As an SAP gold partner since 2004, we know the system inside out.

In fact, we use it to run our own company. As your SAP Business One partner, we share that wealth of knowledge with you to ensure you get the most value out of your system.

Our Customer Success Program covers more than just ongoing support and troubleshooting. We work with you to proactively assess your ERP needs and regularly publish training content to enable your team.



Explore Our Training Content

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