ERP Solutions for Manufacturers

Get End-to-end Production Visibility with Manufacturing ERP Software

The key to optimizing manufacturing operations is having total visibility across your entire supply chain. Effective demand planning, production scheduling and cost control require up to date information that you can trust.

From discrete manufacturers to job shops, fabricators and MTO/ETO, the right ERP software helps you streamline production processes and back-office operations.

With your entire business working in a centralized system, you can confidently predict demand, lower inventory costs and deliver on customer expectations.

Transform Your Manufacturing Business with ERP

A modern ERP solution delivers efficiency across every area of your business – from sales and marketing, to purchasing, inventory management, production and finance. By eliminating disparate systems and error-prone spreadsheets, you’ll find significant time savings, higher productivity and greater visibility into your supply chain.

Interested in growing your manufacturing business? Here’s how ERP software helps:


Make data-driven purchasing decisions

Ensure you’re investing in the right inventory to meet production schedules without over-stocking. Demand planning tools do the heavy lifting for you to create purchasing plans based on sales forecasts, lead times and manufacturing capacity.


Increase product quality and lower lead times

Use powerful scheduling, capacity planning, routing and BOM management to optimize every aspect of your manufacturing process.


Gain control of your production line

Automatically allocate components, resources, raw materials and labour to work orders so you know exactly what’s required for each order. This allows you to identify potential risks due to supply chain delays and respond proactively.


Improve financial management

Fuel your finances with more accurate cost tracking and lower inventory carrying costs. Use automated accounting processes to collect payment faster and make faster, smarter financial decisions based on real-time data.


Manage inventory with confidence

Get complete visibility into inventory levels across multiple warehouses, so you know exactly what you have on-hand and where it’s located. Monitor inventory updates in real-time to identify potential shortages before they happen.


Understand your business performance 

Get a clear picture of your top metrics across the entire business in a single dashboard. In just a few minutes, you can understand your production costs, profitability, gross margins and more.

How well do you know your inventory?

Managing inventory by gut feel isn’t sustainable for growing businesses. See how you can get better inventory visibility and control.

How an ERP Solution Can Benefit Your Manufacturing Business

Staying competitive means keeping pace with changes in technology. ERP software is an essential component to your operations – helping you lower production costs, maximize revenue, boost efficiency and build a more agile organization.

Our manufacturing customers have seen measurable results with ERP, including:

  • 25–30% lower inventory investment

  • 35% fewer expedited/emergency shipments 

  • 60–80% less time spent on inventory planning 

  • 8% increase in revenue performance 

  • 5–10% increase in productivity 

ERP Solutions to Fit Your Manufacturing Needs

ERP solutions for Manufacturers of Textile Products

Textile Products

ERP solutions for Manufacturers of Machinery & Components

Machinery & Components

ERP solutions for Electronics Manufacturers

High Tech & Electronics

ERP solutions for Manufacturers of Glass, Ceramics & Concrete

Glass, Ceramics & Concrete

ERP solutions for Apparel Manufacturers


ERP solutions for Chemical Producers

Chemical Production

ERP solutions for Agriculture Producers

Agriculture Producers

ERP solutions for Furniture Manufacturers


ERP solutions for Metal Fabricators

Metal Fabrication

Featured Manufacturing Customers

SAP Business One has really helped with our quality control and traceability program. We can continue to trace each individual shipment or lot number throughout our production and shipping procedures. It helps maintain the traceability of our end product.


Cal Vandaele, Vandaele Seeds

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ProjectLine Makes People and Technology Work Better Together

Selecting a new ERP system can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. The right ERP partner can help ease the transition.

ProjectLine is a leading Canadian ERP partner with over 15 years’ experience working with manufacturing companies just like yours. We go beyond the standard requirements checklist and get to know your business inside out. With a strong understanding of your processes, culture and your people, we’ll guide you to the best-fit ERP software for your business.

We understand that people are what drive your business. That’s why we take the time to meet with your people and understand the challenges the face – so we can implement an ERP solution that truly works for your team.

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