ERP for Manufacturers

Achieve peak efficiency across your discrete manufacturing business – from finance to production and everything in between.

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ERP for Manufacturing

How Manufacturing ERP Works for You

Whether you make-to-stock or make-to-order, you can’t afford an inefficient production process. The right ERP software reduces manual effort and empowers every member of your team to be more productive, helping you achieve operational excellence.

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Simplify your procurement process

Use demand planning tools to ensure you have the right materials at the right time – without the manual effort.

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Manage your inventory with confidence

Easily track materials against work orders and get a real-time view of inventory levels so you’re never caught with a shortage.

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Boost efficiency in your production line

Automate BOM creation and optimize production scheduling using intuitive capacity planning tools.

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Partner with ProjectLine to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Implementing a new ERP system can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to guide you through the transition, with an eye on what your business needs to succeed, not just tomorrow, but 10 years from now.

For over 20 years, ProjectLine has been helping North American manufacturing companies increase efficiency and enhance the bottom line using leading ERP software. We understand that people are what drive your business. That’s why we take the time to meet with your team and understand the challenges they face – so we can implement the best-fit ERP solution for your business.

Improve customer satisfaction

With sales, purchasing and production working in one system, you can reduce manual effort and speed up order fulfillment. Faster production and fulfillment cycles lead to happier customers and more repeat business.

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Boost profitability

Gain next-level visibility into every transaction that impacts your profitability so you can make informed, proactive financial decisions. Accurately track cost of goods sold, identify opportunities to lower inventory investment and increase revenue with greater control over discounting.

Engage your team

Empower your people to focus on the work that delivers maximum value by automating time-consuming, manual tasks and giving them greater access to information. Get new hires up to speed in a fraction of the time with simple processes, intuitive reporting tools and one system to learn.

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ProjectLine impressed my team with a thorough reply to our RFP along with some very detailed demos. This gave us confidence that their team would be willing and able to properly understand our somewhat complex requirements before arriving at a solution.
Brandon Jewitt Headshot Brandon Jewitt, On the Water Designs

We make your people and technology work better together.

Whether you're just starting your ERP search or you're ready to see a software demo, we're here to help.

We'll get a sense of how you operate and where you're headed so we can guide you to the best ERP solution to achieve your goals.

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Manufacturing ERP Features

  • Order Management

    Streamline every step in your order management process to fulfill orders faster.

  • Production Planning & Scheduling

    Optimize production schedules with full visibility of orders, inventory and resources in one place.

  • Procurement

    Streamline supplier and purchasing processes to get the products you need, at the best price.

  • Quality Management

    Track and monitor product quality so you can improve quality, while reducing operating costs.

  • Configure, Price, Quote

    Create more accurate sales quotes for configurable products in less time.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Ensure materials are available at the right locations to keep production running smoothly.

  • Shop Floor Control

    Easily record what's happening during your production process to help you optimize scheduling.

  • Financial Management

    Capture production costs more accurately and use proactive reporting to optimize financial performance.

Hear From Our Manufacturing Customers...

ProjectLine understands the business the same way we understand the business. They're invested in our success the same way our team is.
Ron Price, Silver Crystal Sports
ProjectLine understands our business quite well. We know that they are going to be there for us to solve the problems that we need solved.
Michèle Bosc, Château des Charmes
We need partners to grow with our company and accommodate growth. That was a big factor in selecting SAP Business One and ProjectLine.
Cal Vandaele, Vandaele Seeds