Integrated Business & Engineering Project Management Software

The systems you run have a significant impact on your efficiency and profitability – particularly if you have multiple disconnected systems. Explore the benefits of an integrated project and business management system for your Engineering firm.

Time for New Project Management Solution?

Your projects can be complex – you need sophisticated planning to coordinate the right resources, at the right time, on the right project. Ensuring you meet your timelines is critical to keeping your resource plan on track and achieving your deliverables. These challenges are amplified when you’re running separate systems for project management, scheduling and accounting. So, how do you know if it’s time to upgrade?

  • Creating accurate project budgets is difficult because your historical data has limited detail.
  • You lack a clear view of individual and company-wide resource commitments, making it difficult to assign the right resources to the right project tasks.
  • You’re constantly transferring data back and forth between your project, accounting and employee compensation systems, resulting in data errors.
  • You can’t evaluate the success of a project until after it’s complete because of limited reporting capabilities.
  • Your project managers struggle to get a complete picture of their project costs.
  • Projects are falling behind schedule because team members don’t know what they’re supposed to be working on.
  • You end up spending so much time on administrative tasks that it’s challenging to meet promised timelines and your profits aren’t what they could be.
  • You don’t have a quick, easy way to check your project and overall corporate status.

What’s the Benefit of Upgrading to an Integrated Engineering Project Management Software?

Together, Eralis Project and SAP Business One offer the sophistication required to manage your large projects, while being flexible enough to accommodate smaller engagements. The intuitive browser-based project management solution gives your entire team access to the information they need, offering instant, real-time insight into the status of all your projects. Tight integration with SAP Business One provides more accurate and timely financial information, so you can increase efficiency and profitability.

  • Quickly create accurate project estimates using template projects as a baseline.
  • Easily compare actual costs against estimates for various phases and activities in real-time.
  • Streamline project management from design to commissioning with real-time tracking of costs and progress.
  • Get visibility into your costs so you can identify and address potential overruns early on, before they even occur.
  • Bill clients more efficiently with easy-to-use tools for time and expense capture that tags costs directly to the applicable project.

How the Solution Works for Engineering Project Firms


Make more informed decisions with easy access to real-time data. Increase efficiency across the organization with streamlined processes.


Speed up period close with automated processes. Get a clear picture of financial performance at any point in time with real-time reporting.

Sales Execs

Get total visibility of sales opportunities and customer satisfaction with out-of-the box CRM capabilities and activity tracking.


Gain visibility of business performance. Track all pertinent costs in real-time to avoid surprise overruns. Increase invoicing accuracy.

Project Managers

Gain complete real-time visibility of ongoing projects – including budgets and timelines – with all project-related information in a single system.

Project Teams

Easily track time and expenses against projects, and provide other team members with status updates, in a browser-based application.

What Our Customers Say

See how an integrated project management system, powered by SAP Business One, allows you to increase efficiency and profitability across all stages of your projects.