3 Reasons a NetSuite Implementation Partner is Better Than Direct

Darrell McClarty March 23, 2021

Selecting a new ERP solution is a big undertaking – most companies will use their software for seven to 10 years, so you want to make the right choice. While the software itself is central to your decision, you also need to consider the stability of the vendor and the relationship with your implementation partner (if you choose to use one).

With NetSuite, you have the option to either purchase direct from NetSuite or through an implementation partner, like ProjectLine. If you buy direct, you’ll be interacting with a NetSuite salesperson and their team will handle the implementation and ongoing support. While it might seem like a good idea to cut out the middleman and work directly with the software vendor, it’s not quite that cut and dried.

Why you should work with a NetSuite partner

The most important point to address up-front is price – some companies assume that the direct team will have access to better discounts, but that’s not the case. NetSuite partners can match the direct team with pricing, discounts, fixed price quotations and financing options. So, now that we’ve taken price out of the equation, what does a NetSuite partner offer that you won’t get buying direct?

1. A combination of deep business expertise and technical knowledge

When you work directly with NetSuite, you’re more likely to get the industry standard implementation, rather than a tailored solution that best meets your business challenges. As a partner, we have a far deeper understanding of business process – and process drives technology. We leverage industry best practices, the same way the NetSuite direct team would, but then we go further to address the processes that are unique to your business. Not every business challenge can be solved with out-of-the-box functionality. Our team has the expertise to build solutions that fit your business – everything from simple modifications, to integrations and customizations.

2. Support through your entire ERP journey

Buying ERP can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been through the process. An implementation partner has the expertise to guide you through the buying process. We work with you to uncover the key pains in your business and use that as the roadmap for your ERP solution. When you engage with the NetSuite direct team, you’ll likely be dealing with less experienced salespeople who have a somewhat predefined industry solution to sell. They simply won’t have the depth of expertise to support you in your purchase decision.

When you buy from a partner, you can expect a high level of guidance throughout your implementation and beyond. It’s not just about implementing software – we can help you manage the change effectively to ease the stress on your team and ensure user adoption. That’s a level of attention you simply won’t get from an ERP vendor.

3. A key partner that’s invested in your success

NetSuite has high customer satisfaction – if you buy direct, you’ll be taken care of. But keep in mind that it’s a large organization and people are more likely to shift roles. For you as a customer, that means your project managers and consultants may change more frequently over time. And with every change in staff, there’s a ramp-up period while they familiarize themselves with your business and your implementation.

Working with a partner is a different experience. You’ll have a consistent team that knows your business inside out. When you’re dealing with the core systems that run your business, this type of relationship makes all the difference. We truly become an extension of your team, investing in your success the same way you do.

Why partner with ProjectLine

We’re in the ERP business, but we don’t just sell software. When we engage with prospective customers, understanding business process is certainly a top priority. But we dig deeper to understand your business structure, culture, and most importantly, your people. Bringing those elements together with the right solution is how we create an optimal ERP experience and help you achieve success.

As your dedicated NetSuite implementation partner, we’re here to guide you through the process – right from evaluation, through implementation and beyond.

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