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Every business is different. You might face challenges requiring unique solutions that don't come "out-of-the-box". We have the in-house expertise to build the perfect solution for you.

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Perhaps your business doesn't fit nicely into an industry "box". You might have inventory, but you're not strictly a distribution company. Maybe you're a service company, but you have a product sales component as well. Or your business might be something else entirely.

Our powerful ERP solutions can be configured to meet the unique needs of your business. Add in the many industry companion solutions we work with and the possibilities are almost limitless. But you might have a requirement so specific to your business that you need a solution tailored just for you. We have the IP to customize with intent. If we don't have a third-party software for the job, we'll build the perfect solution for you.


Some of our Made to Measure Solutions

Sales and Operations Mobile App for Moving Companies

As Canada's largest network of moving companies, our customer was looking to coordinate sales and operations activities for moves across more than 200 member locations. We worked with them to develop an organization-wide technological innovation that transformed a 60-year old business model. Their custom mobile app has enabled them to improve efficiency and competitiveness across their entire network. More importantly, they are now transitioning their disparate legacy systems to a new integrated platform, based on the latest cloud and mobile technologies, using our customizable ERP solutions as the core. Functionality is delivered by an integrated system of tailored stakeholder web portals and mobile applications.


Key business workflows captured within the application include:

Lead collection and opportunity management

Detailed load inventories

Customer invoicing

Property surveys, estimating and quoting

Driver dispatch and carrier logistics

Revenue distribution to members

We're working with ProjectLine to build on our SAP Business One framework, to build the new software that our members are going to use for their end-to-end solution for the customers. They're helping us build that software for our members to be more efficient. They've been a great partner right through, all the way.


Dan Lawrence, United Van Lines Canada

Web-based Production Plant Software

Canada's largest potato producer approached us to design and develop a made to measure solution that was tightly integrated with their core ERP system. The vision was to develop an application to provide a production-friendly view of complex enterprise resource planning data. The application also includes functionality to support processing and packing workflows across six production facilities.

The browser-based application is accessed by production floor users via desktop workstations and touch screen devices. All data used by the application is stored within the company's ERP system.

Potato Wash Plan Production Software

Key capabilities and functionality in the application include:

Business intelligence reporting for plant efficiency and grower performance

Inventory batch control and audit trails for both finance and food safety

Integrated inter-company operations

Production planning

Inventory labeling

Shipment planning

Electronic scale integration

Knowing that SAP Business One was flexible enough that we can have ProjectLine build software that interfaces really well was critical. And that's what's working for us and will be part of our success in the future.


Harwin Bouwman, Kroeker Farms

Web-based Shop Floor Application for Your ERP

ProjectLine designed and developed a custom web-based shop floor application for a leading manufacturer of mine and tunnel ventilation products based on their existing ERP installation. The made to measure solution addressed our customer’s unique shop floor requirements while integrating directly with their ERP's core manufacturing, inventory management and quality control functions.

Key functionality provided by the application includes data capture for product-specific quality control, inventory receipt and lot tracking, and item-specific inventory tagging. The application was deployed via web browser and is accessed by production floor users via tablets and desktop workstations. All data used by the application is stored within the ERP system.


emLine Environmental Information Management System

One of the first programs we ever developed, emLine is an Environmental Informational Management System (EIMS) designed for mining and environmental companies. The fully web-based software consolidates all environmental sampling data into a single source application that handles data entry, standards, scheduling, lab data exchange and reporting.

The original application was extended to include emLine DataLogger, which handles high frequency environmental condition data captured by data logger equipment. The solution is used across Canada and around the globe to support environment remediation activities, including the Alberta Oilsands, New Zealand and Australia.



The CommunityView Collaboration brings together community data from various organizations in an easy-to-use tool for researchers and the public to obtain data. The goal is to provide relevant, reliable, local information to inform planning, decision making and policy development for Saskatoon and surrounding area.


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We partnered with the Saskatoon Health Region and City of Saskatoon to create the CommunityView Resource Catalog software. This web-based application allows you to create customized maps of the greater Saskatoon area, with layered resources based on Census variables and indicators. Although not integrated with their ERP, this application queries data from multiple providers, including health, census, crime, city demographics, and others, to provide context to socio-economic indicators that otherwise could not be easily related.


CamRAD Radiation Safety System

In 2001, we were contracted to design and develop the original CamRAD system, an enterprise-level radiation data management system deployed to mining operations in Saskatchewan, Kazakhstan and the USA. The solution was delivered in a fully browser-based application, the first of its kind in 2001, and integrated with their existing ERP solution.

After more than 10 years in operation around the globe, we were again selected to deliver the next generation of the radiation safety system - CamRAD Enterprise. The scope of CamRAD Enterprise extended from global mining operations to complex fuel services divisions where uranium is refined and converted to products used in the production of fuel.

Based on new technologies and the proven business designs implemented within previous CamRAD systems, CamRAD Enterprise was designed to lower system maintenance costs and provide rich system interfaces to end users. CamRAD Enterprise further provided an extended system life cycle and was future-proofed with extended capabilities for multi-language and mobility.

Pulse Crop Processing System

Implemented in 2004, and still in use today, we provided highly-customized ERP system functionality to a processor of pulse crops, such as lentils and chick peas. The organization contracts with producers to buy harvested crops, processes and packages them, and then ships to destinations around the globe. At the time this solution was developed, it was the most extensive ERP customization in Canada.

Enterprise Project Management Companion Solution for ERP

We designed and developed a web-based application that integrates with ERP systems to meet the project management requirements of a market research software provider. The web application allows for detailed project planning and tracking, including time entry and review, while linking directly to a project document in their ERP system. These customizations serve as a foundation for managing all project-related costs, including labour and purchasing, and for reporting revenue accruals and gross margin, all within a single system.

Heavy Equipment Service Module for ERP Systems

To eliminate data duplication and streamline the process for performing service work, we developed a service module customization for a heavy equipment service provider. The customization allows technicians, management and accounting to use a single form for all tasks related to a Work Order, from initial creation, to specifying parts and labour, to invoicing.

Web-based Field Ticket Module

Integrated with their ERP solution, we designed this web-based application for an oil and gas services company, allowing them to record job data in the field, for billing and job costing. The field ticket module captures service call data, including personnel time that links directly to timesheet records, inventory consumption, and other services or expenses incurred. With a direct integration to their ERP platform, data recorded using the field ticket module is automatically updated in their ERP for billing purposes.

Electronics Waste Recycling System

We developed a complete reverse production system for an electronics waste recycling company. This made to measure solution integrates with the company's ERP solution to form an end-to-end system that manages the entire de-manufacturing process - from dismantling original equipment, to sorting and tracking raw materials, and management of the company's recycling program.


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