United Van Lines Canada

Moving Worldwide with Care with the Support of SAP Business One and ProjectLine

United Van Lines Canada is Canada’s largest network of moving companies. They are the only 100% Canadian owned van line. The core concept of United Van Lines is to allow a network of moving companies (member community) to leverage each other so that the cost can be shared across the membership. SAP Business One has been instrumental in managing the complex cost/revenue sharing model more effectively.

About United Van Lines

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Industry: Travel and Transportation

Products & Services: Moving, storage and leasing services

Employees: 93

Revenue: $130M

Website: uvl.ca

SAP Business One has helped us be more efficient in our finance and accounting areas. It provides us more accurate and timely financial statements, payments to our customers, and payments to our members.

Dan Lawrence Dan Lawrence, President

Value Driven Results

25% faster distribution of revenue to member companies
Improve efficiency and competitiveness with industry-leading applications that build on SAP Business One
Gain real-time insight into data to make more informed decisions

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Lacked speed in processing data and reporting
  • Opportunities for growth in the moving and transportation industry through effective platforms
  • Achieving growth in a declining market due to social trends

The core concept of a van line is to allow a network of moving companies to leverage each other, so that the costs can be shared across the board. SAP Business One has been instrumental in allowing us to do that more effectively.

Jeanne Rah Jeanne Rah, Director of Information Technology

Why SAP Business One & ProjectLine

  • SAP Business One provides a stable single source of truth that United Van Lines can use as a basis to develop moving-related applications for members
  • ProjectLine is an experienced, proven partner that has demonstrated their value to help United Van Lines capture the possibilities with SAP Business One and custom software integrations

ProjectLine brings with them a wealth of experience with SAP Business One. We’re looking for leading edge, stable, solid solutions and they have been more than able to provide those.

Jeanne Rah Jeanne Rah, Director of Information Technology