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Staying Ahead of the Growth Curve with ProjectLine and SAP Business One

The Challenge

Kroeker needed systems that could support increasing complexity.

The Solution

SAP Business One and a custom app provide a solid foundation.

The Result

Kroeker now has access to accurate information about their crops.

About Kroeker Farms

Kroeker Farms is a family-owned farm that focuses on growing potatoes and other organics on approximately 9,000 acres. They're moving more and more acres from conventional to ecological harvest so they can use less irrigation and grow more rotation crops.

Industry: Agribusiness

Employees: 60-160

Location: Winkler, Manitoba

ERP Solution: SAP Business One + custom application development


SAP Business One Customer Video: Kroeker Farms
Knowing that SAP Business One was flexible enough that we can have ProjectLine build custom software that interfaces really well was critical. And that’s what is working for us and will be part of our success in the future.
Harwin Bouwman Headshot Harwin Bouwman, Business Development & Innovation

The Challenge

  • They have large amounts of data to track, compile and analyze.
  • They require easy access to useful and actionable information.
  • Their business is becoming more complex as they grow and they need systems to support that complexity.

The Solution

  • SAP Business One provides a robust and flexible platform that Kroeker can build on as they grow.

The Result

  • With the support of ProjectLine, Kroeker Farms has built custom applications that build on the core SAP Business One platform to help them farm better and stay ahead of the curve.
  • They now have quick access to accurate information about their crops.
  • They can make data-driven decisions to remain sustainable moving into the future.
Our business isn’t going to get any simpler in the future. And that means we need good data, fast. We have one place to go to and SAP Business One is the basis for it all.
Harwin Bouwman Headshot Harwin Bouwman, Business Development & Innovation

Why ProjectLine

  • ProjectLine understands they aren't an ‘out-of-the-box’ type of customer and works with them to develop custom solutions.
  • ProjectLine is a key partner, helping them find solutions to their unique business challenges.

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