NetSuite Modules Guide [The Up-to-date List]

Jalene Ippolito January 03, 2024

In your NetSuite research, you’ve likely realized that there are many different modules that each offer specific functionality. The modular design provides you with flexibility as you build out your solution – you can implement only the functionality you need, without paying for extra features you won’t use. However, choosing the right NetSuite modules based on your business needs can be overwhelming.

This leads us to the purpose of this post – you’ll find an overview of the NetSuite modules and the value they offer.

What is a NetSuite Module?

NetSuite ERP is designed as a suite of modules with specific functionality. This gives you the flexibility to get your base ERP in place and add new functionality over time as it makes sense for your business. This phased approach allows you to manage the cost and ease the transition for your team.

How to Choose the Right NetSuite Modules for Your Business

While some functionality – like accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and cash management – will be an obvious starting point, you might be left wondering which modules you need to meet your needs now and in the future. As a starting point, you can go back to your ERP requirements and map them to the modules listed here.

But the best approach is to connect with a NetSuite partner, like ProjectLine. We do a discovery session with your team to understand your processes and recommend the modules that will meet your needs. From there, we’ll do a tailored NetSuite demo that shows how the solution helps you overcome the challenges you’re facing in your business today. If you decide that NetSuite is the right ERP solution for your business, we’ll guide you through the implementation process and provide ongoing support.

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The Complete NetSuite Module List

Every NetSuite edition includes the following core ERP functionality:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payment Methods – Credit Cards, ACH, EFT
  • Bank Management & Reconciliations
  • Multi-currency & Multi-language
  • Item Management
  • Basic Inventory Management
  • Basic Project Management
  • Order Management
  • Purchasing
  • Time & Expense Management

For smaller companies with simple processes, the core functionality might be enough. But most companies will build out their NetSuite solution with a collection of advanced modules.

NetSuite Financial Management Modules

  • NetSuite Advanced Financials provides more robust financial management functionality, like budgeting, expense allocation, amortization and statistical accounts. This builds on the standard NetSuite accounting functionality that comes in the core ERP product, which includes general ledger, cash management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax management and payments.

  • NetSuite AP Automation takes the manual work out of your invoice-to-pay process by automating data capture, payments and reconciliation.

  • NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments enables you to securely automate electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments and collections.

  • NetSuite Multi-book Accounting helps you simplify intercompany accounting and report on consolidated financials by automatically posting transaction activity to multiple books at the same time.

  • NetSuite OneWorld enables you to manage multiple entities that use different currencies or comply with taxation and legal requirements in different countries.

  • SuiteTax eliminates manual tax calculations with built-in tax logic to determine and calculate taxes across multiple tax jurisdictions.

  • NetSuite Fixed Assets Management helps you manage company-owned and leased assets, with asset tracking, flexible depreciation and amortization schedules, and detailed asset reporting.

  • NetSuite Planning and Budgeting helps you budget at the department and company level with modeling capabilities, revenue planning, trending financial statements, approval workflows and reporting. The tool syncs data from your NetSuite ERP system and integrates with Microsoft Office for easy sharing and manipulation.

  • NetSuite SuiteBilling expands invoice and billing management to support subscription, usage-based and hybrid billing models, while accurately recognizing revenue and adhering to revenue recognition standards.

  • NetSuite Revenue Management automates revenue scheduling, allocation and reporting to help you comply with revenue recognition regulations.

  • NetSuite Dunning Letters helps your accounting team collect accounts receivables by automatically sending reminder letters before payment.

NetSuite Advanced Financial Modules

NetSuite CRM Modules

  • NetSuite CRM aligns sales, marketing and service teams with a complete view of the customer. From managing sales quotes and orders to pipeline forecasting, marketing campaigns and much more, NetSuite CRM helps you manage the complete customer lifecycle more effectively.

  • NetSuite CPQ enables you to quickly and accurately configure, price and quote (CPQ) complex products. Production BOMs and routing instructions can be easily created from approved orders. The Guided Selling feature allows sales reps to quickly navigate large product catalogs and guide customers to the right product in less time.

  • NetSuite Contract Renewals automates the contract renewal process.

  • NetSuite Incentive Compensation helps you manage commissions and other incentive-based compensation plans, including the ability to share goals with sales reps.

NetSuite Inventory and Order Management Modules

  • NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management adds more robust inventory management capabilities, including demand-based inventory replenishment, multi-location fulfillment, serialized inventory and more.

  • NetSuite Smart Count allows you to log inventory cycle counts for one item at a time, without freezing transactions in the entire location.

  • NetSuite Advanced Order Management automates order promising, allocation, orchestration and execution across multiple sales channels and inventory locations to help you streamline orders and fulfillment.

  • NetSuite Grid Order Management simplifies order entry and multi-attribute SKU management.

NetSuite Inventory & Order Management Modules

NetSuite Supply Chain & Manufacturing Modules

  • NetSuite Procurement helps your purchasing team streamline requisitioning, purchasing and vendor management processes.

  • NetSuite WMS (Warehouse Management System) streamlines warehouse operations with features for receiving, picking, cycle counting and returns, as well as mobile warehouse management.

  • NetSuite Demand Planning helps you optimize inventory levels by analyzing historical data and sales forecasts to create reliable purchasing recommendations. This module automates the heavy lifting of your demand planning process to reduce manual effort and create more accurate capacity plans.

  • NetSuite Ship Central gives your warehouse workers packing and shipping capabilities on a mobile or kiosk device.

  • NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing helps you reduce supply chain costs by connecting production processes, financial reports, inventory and outstanding orders in real-time.

  • NetSuite Quality Management helps you deliver the highest quality products with tools to organize testing, inspections, rework and reporting.

  • NetSuite WIP and Routings provide the tools to define manufacturing routings, plan resource capacity and understand the cost of materials used in production.

  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies connects inventory to your manufacturing process, with the ability to define assembly items, build complex multi-level bills of materials (BOMs), create work orders and more – all with minimal effort.

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NetSuite Commerce Modules

  • SuiteCommerce provides mobile-optimized B2C and B2B ecommerce websites that connect seamlessly with NetSuite financials, order management, inventory and CRM to create a unified solution for product-based companies.

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced offers more control for developers and designers to tailor your ecommerce site, while still integrating with other NetSuite modules.

  • SuiteCommerce InStore provides a full-featured mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution with access to inventory and customer information so sales associates can provide a more satisfying experience to your customers and drive sales at the same time.

  • SuiteCommerce MyAccount gives your customers 24/7 self-service access to pay invoices, view account balances, check order status and file support cases online.

  • NetSuite Connector allows you to connect your NetSuite ERP with other ecommerce platforms, POS systems, online marketplaces and third-party logistics providers.

NetSuite Field Service Management

  • NetSuite Field Service Management provides field service scheduling, dispatch and asset management capability that integrates with NetSuite inventory, sales orders and invoicing.

NetSuite Project Management Modules

  • SuiteProjects provides basic project management capabilities, including project accounting, resource allocation and time and expense tracking.

  • NetSuite Project Management offers more robust project scheduling, resource management and budgeting features. It integrates with the NetSuite accounting system, so you can issue invoices and manage revenue recognition, expenses and other project-related financials.

  • OpenAir is a comprehensive professional services automation (PSA) solution and is best suited for large professional services organizations that deliver complex projects.

NetSuite Analytics Modules

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse consolidates data from NetSuite and other business applications to simplify your data management processes and gain faster, easier access to business insights.

NetSuite Human Resources Modules

  • NetSuite Payroll streamlines employee and contractor payroll processes, helping you monitor timesheets and account for deductions across multiple US states. If you’re a Canadian-based company, we can recommend a certified payroll SuiteApp to provide this functionality.

  • SuitePeople HR is a centralized solution to maintain employee information and connect HR data with financial, planning and budgeting processes.

  • SuitePeople Performance Management supports employee goal tracking and provides recognition tools to drive better employee engagement.

NetSuite Module Pricing

The price of your NetSuite system will be based on the modules you select, the size of your company and how many users you need. You can find a full breakdown of these factors in our NetSuite Pricing Guide.

Need help choosing the right NetSuite modules?

We’re here to help. We’ll ask some questions about your business processes to determine the right NetSuite modules for your company.

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NetSuite Module FAQ

What modules are in NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP modules provide a range of features to manage your business, from financials to commerce, supply chain, manufacturing and CRM.

How much do NetSuite modules cost?

The cost of your NetSuite ERP solution will depend on the size of your company, the modules you need and how many users you have. You can find a full breakdown of how the pricing works in our NetSuite Pricing Guide.

What are SuiteApps?

SuiteApps are add-on applications that extend or customize NetSuite functionality to meet specific industry or business needs. You can find certified SuiteApps in the SuiteApp marketplace or look to your NetSuite partner for recommendations.

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