NetSuite Guided Selling: Streamlining Your Sales Journey

Jalene Ippolito September 20, 2023

The sales process is highly demanding.

Sales teams must understand what product fits each customer's unique requirements and present the best possible offering to solve the customer's problem.

In many sectors, product catalogues are getting more complex, with differential pricing for various configurations and a web of related products or services that are sold in bundles or packages. Sales reps have the challenging task of making it easy for customers to understand the product mix and make a buying decision.

At the same time, your sales reps must also grapple with dynamic product pricing and time-bound discounts to deliver a profitable quotation or proposal.

Guided Selling is a powerful system developed to help sales teams navigate an increasingly complex sales process and optimize the customer buying experience.

Oracle has included Guided Selling as a feature of NetSuite CPQ, leveraging automation to streamline the sales process.

With NetSuite CPQ, sales teams can focus on closing deals and improving the customer experience rather than searching large, complex product catalogs.

In this article, we explore the concept of Guided Selling. You'll discover how NetSuite's innovative Guided Selling feature provides your sales teams with personalized guidance throughout the sales journey and enhances top-of-the-funnel conversions.

Understanding NetSuite Guided Selling

NetSuite Guided Selling is a cutting-edge sales enablement tool aimed at guiding potential customers toward more informed purchase decisions.

When you use Guided Selling in conjunction with your NetSuite ERP, your sales team has access to a multifaceted product search tool to sift through your product catalogues or service options.

Advanced filtering enables them to search for items and add them to orders. They can easily find the right products by applying filters for product categories, characteristics, price, stock levels and more. This simplifies the selection process and assures customers that their buying decisions are aligned with their goals.

You can use Guided Selling alongside the NetSuite product configurator or on its own if you simply have a large catalog of standard SKUs. It enables sales teams to make personalized product recommendations to meet customers' specific requirements.

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Benefits of the NetSuite Guided Selling Tool

Increase sales productivity

NetSuite's Guided Selling provides sales teams with a structured sales process that streamlines the sales journey and improves their efficiency.

Instead of manually going through multiple product catalogues, sales reps can use the web store-like interface to quickly find the right products for your customers.

Your sales team can quickly identify, upsell and cross-sell opportunities by analyzing customers' purchase history and recommending complementary products, or upgrade options. This significantly increases sales productivity.

Reduce your time to quote

Being the first vendor to submit a quote can increase your chances of winning a customer’s business. Guided Selling enables your sales team to be the first one in, with the ability to create quotes in real-time as they gather requirements from the customer.

Speed up sales enablement

Whether you sell complex configured products with standard accessory options or simply have a large catalog of standard products, Guided Selling helps you onboard new sales reps faster. They don’t have to spend months wrapping their heads around complex spreadsheets or paper catalogs. With the intuitive filter options, new reps can quickly find the right products to meet a customer’s needs, with minimal training.

Problems NetSuite Guided Selling solves

Guided Selling is much more than just a product feature. It’s a method to streamline your sales process.

Let's look at some typical challenges your sales teams may face and how Guided Selling can help you overcome them:

Complex product configurations

Does your company deal with highly specialized products or complex product offerings?

Many manufacturing and distribution companies offer a large catalogue of products available in many specifications, variants or configurations. It can be challenging for sales reps to understand, remember and communicate all these variations. With NetSuite's Guided Selling tool, sales reps can confidently present and sell complex configurations, improving customer satisfaction and closing deals faster.

The tool gives sales reps a structured approach to selling. It helps them explore complex catalogues easily and locate comprehensive product information and specifications so they don't miss out on critical details for complex products. The tool also recommends complementary products or accessories to maximize upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Manual sales processes

Traditional sales processes involve many manual tasks and time-consuming activities. And manual processes tend to be non-standardized and highly person-dependent. They leave room for errors, which may ultimately result in a poor customer experience and even lost deals that impact your company's bottom line.

Guided Selling automates various aspects of the sales process. Pulling real-time product, pricing and stock availability from the NetSuite ERP, it ensures that your sales team has up-to-date information. It saves time, eliminates errors, improves efficiency and leaves your sales reps with more time to engage with customers and drive revenue.

Lack of customer insights

How does your sales team uncover insights into customer buying behavior, preferences or purchase patterns?

Many sales teams struggle to understand and articulate what their target audience wants.

With information from sales, operations and finance in the NetSuite system, your sales reps can identify customer purchase patterns or preferences. Armed with this information, they can engage customers in more meaningful conversations, offer personalized recommendations to meet the customer's needs and increase the likelihood of closing the deal successfully.

Implementation made easy with ProjectLine

Wondering how to implement NetSuite Guided Selling to automate your sales processes?

At ProjectLine, we work closely with your sales team to understand their challenges and existing sales processes.

This helps us determine how NetSuite ERP and Guided Selling can help your sales team work more productively and produce better results.

Our NetSuite implementation, ongoing training and support services are comparable to the best in the industry.

We’ve helped sales and operations teams across various organizations transform their business processes and performance, using NetSuite.

Imagine what we can help your sales team achieve by leveraging the power of NetSuite's Guided Selling!

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