How Much Can You Save by Switching to SAP Business One?

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SAP Business One delivers tangible cost savings (like reduced inventory investment) and intangible benefits (like increased efficiency).

But, how do you know if the savings are worth the investment?

Use our Excel template to calculate the expected return for your business. Simply answer a few questions about your business to get an estimate of the financial benefit. You'll get a complete breakdown of the one-time and recurring benefits of a new SAP Business One system.



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What Our Customers Are Saying...

We feel that Vandaele Seeds, ProjectLine and SAP Business One are all on the same team. We need business partners to grow with our company and accommodate that growth. That was a big factor in selecting SAP Business One and ProjectLine.
Cal Vandaele Headshot Cal Vandaele, Vandaele Seeds
SAP Business One has brought an overall increased level of visibility to our business performance. That’s really critical in understanding exactly how the business is doing financially, as well as what the opportunities are on a regular basis.
Aaron Cash Headshot Aaron Cash, Garage Living
Bringing SAP Business One on board, what we’ve noticed really quickly is that integrating our different groups together and sharing information is making us a lot faster and smarter.
Liam Ellis Headshot Liam Ellis, Lumenix