4 Ways to Optimize Your Inventory

Your inventory is a mess. Inventory counts don’t match what’s on the shelves. Manually calculating optimal stock levels is a nightmare. And order fulfillment is slow because the warehouse is disorganized.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone – 34% of companies continually find themselves either over or understocked. For SMEs, these challenges often come from tracking inventory in spreadsheets or running multiple disconnected systems.

This approach may have worked in the past, but it will only take you so far. In this guide, we’re showing you 4 ways to gain better inventory control and visibility, so you can lower handling costs and boost profits.

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I Want to Optimize My Inventory

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SAP Business One allows us to track our inventory quickly, easily and efficiently. It allows us to receive the inventory and track it all the way through our transactions, right from coming in the door through to the sale.
Geoff Keam Headshot Geoff Keam, Canada Green
The faster we can make that transaction, the better it is for the customer, the better it is for us. SAP Business One has allowed us to make those changes to make it more efficient and streamlined.
Brad Kennedy Headshot Brad Kennedy, Construction Fasteners & Tools
SUNPAN is really grateful for the support that we’ve received from ProjectLine, as well as the SAP Business One Tool. It has become invaluable for our company.
Katherine Kalen Headshot Katherine Kalen, SUNPAN Modern Home