Simplifying business is a must for growing SMBs to stay competitive.

Do you have a plan to simplify?

According to Knowledge@Wharton, 62% of companies agree that simplification would benefit their productivity and performance. And yet, only 27% of those same companies say their day-to-day activities align with simplification initiatives.

So, why is it that so many businesses recognize the importance of simplicity, but their processes become increasingly complex over time? Quite simply, it’s a natural by-product of growth. You tend to leave alone the processes that (you think) are working. And when issues do arise, the first instinct is often to add processes, so you can achieve short-term results.

It’s understandable, particularly for a high growth small or mid-size business with limited resources. But the bigger your company is, the more challenging it becomes to simplify. So, why not be proactive?

Simplify your SMB in 5 Steps to Simplify Successfully

When you make simplification a core part of your organizational mind set early on, achieving your goals will be easier moving forward. Start the process now.

  • What’s the impact of complexity on your organization?

  • What are the benefits of running simple?

  • A 5-step plan to simplify successfully.

  • Understand the (important) role of your business systems.

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