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Why SAP Business One HANA? The Advantage for SMEs

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Jalene Ippolito June 15th, 2020

As you’re evaluating SAP Business One features, you’ll need to consider which database option makes the most sense for your business. The traditional SAP Business One version uses a Microsoft SQL database. Or you have the option to choose the version for SAP HANA that uses SAP’s own in-memory database.

Like anything, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal here is to help you understand what SAP HANA is and the advantages it can provide for your business. Ultimately, your decision between the two platforms will depend largely on your business requirements and other factors. It’s best to chat with an SAP Business One expert to fully understand the technical information and make the best selection for your business.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA – short for High Performance Analytical Appliance – is an in-memory database that’s optimized for both transactional and analytical workloads. Essentially, running the database in-memory increases speed, even with large amounts of data. As a growing small or mid-size business, this is an important consideration. You know your transactional volume will increase as you grow, so you don’t have to worry about your database getting sluggish as you expand.

Advantages of SAP Business One, Version for HANA

The key to HANA is speed and accessibility. With in-memory technology, the system can process data, run reports and analyze records significantly faster. From a practical perspective, you can run real-time reports and complete day-to-day tasks more efficiently using the features that are unique to SAP Business One HANA.

  • KPIs – Create and monitor key performance indicators in your system and drilldown for more detailed information.

  • Pervasive Analytics – Add pre-defined and/or custom dashboards to display the data that’s most important to your users.

  • Drag and Drop Report Creation – Don’t waste time waiting for IT support to get the reports you need. You can quickly create them yourself using the Data Analysis Cubes – simply drag and drop the information you want into pivot table format and you’re done!

  • Enterprise Search – Easily find information with search functionality that’s like Google for your ERP system.

  • Cash Flow Forecast – Get real-time insight into your cash flow projections using specific criteria that you set in the system.

  • Available to Promise Check – Real-time inventory transparency allows you to see what you have available at any point in time, considering promised, on-demand and on-hand stock.

  • Workflow Customization – Your business needs and processes will change over time, that’s inevitable. Sometimes you’re making a big change that requires assistance from your SAP Business One consulting team. But for those times when you have a simple change to make, you can easily edit the system workflow and documents to match your business needs using HANA’s Workbench tool.

Your ERP system is the underpinning of your entire business. The faster your systems run, the faster you get the information you need. That’s going to help you make better business decisions to improve efficiency in the short-term and drive growth in the long-term.

As one of the top Canadian SAP Business One partners, we know the system inside out. We’re here to guide you through the process – right from evaluation, through implementation and beyond.

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June 15th 2020
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