SAP Business One Web Client & Other New Version 10.0 Features

Rob Peterson-Wakeman October 29, 2020

SAP Business One version 10.0 was released earlier this year, with some major enhancements that deliver on feedback from system users. We’ll cover a few of the major highlights here – focusing specifically on usability – but if you’re interested in the deep dive, you can check out the SAP Business One 10.0 Release Highlights.

Introducing the SAP Business One Web Client

Without a doubt, the release of the web client is the most exciting part of the version 10.0 release. This introduces a new level of usability for sales functions, making it easier to manage customers and related activities from a desktop browser or tablet. The current release focuses on creating, processing and updating sales-related documents, Business Partners and activities. Ease of use is a top priority in the web client, with the ability to easily filter list views, export grids to Excel in a single click and even turn your list results into a visual chart. Feel free to dive into the video series below for more info.

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Enhanced Usability is a Priority in SAP Business One Version 10.0

The modern, fresh look from the web client has been transferred to the desktop application in version 10.0 as well. The new ‘Deep Belize’ skin improves on the modern look first seen in the HANA version of the cockpit and is a higher contrast version. Here are a few of the other enhancements made to increase ease of use:

  • You can now hide the toolbar for an expanded working area.

  • You can easily switch between company databases in a single click, rather than going through the menu structure.

  • The Referenced Documents feature has been extended across additional SAP Business One modules, including Checks for Payment, Purchase Request, Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Inventory Transfer Request and Inventory Transfer. This helps you see when documents are referenced with the addition of a numeric indicator.

  • New fields and options have been added to simplify approval processes and give you additional flexibility to manage document approvals.

  • You have greater control of user authorizations with the ability to set different authorizations for different tabs on the Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data This is a great way to simplify the UI for your employees – show them what they need, hide what they don’t.

  • Golden arrows have been added to the Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss Statement so you can quickly drill down into the GL account straight from the financial report.

  • The Add button has extended options on Marketing Documents for better handling by your users. You can now select from:

    • Add & New: Adds the document and opens a new window.

    • Add & View: Adds the document, then displays it.

    • Add & Close: Adds the document and closes the window.

  • Formatted searches can now be triggered by multiple factors. This give a much greater capability to tailor the usage of formatted searches in document fields.

  • Service Layer (API) is now supported for the SQL version. This was previously only available in SAP Business One HANA. This is great news for anyone doing custom development or complex integrations for the SQL version of Business One, as the Service Layer is a much more modern web services style API.

These are just a few of the enhancements that we think will impact the day-to-day user experience. All of this leads to a better user experience and even more functionality in SAP Business One. If you're ready to learn more, let's connect!

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