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When servicing products and equipment is a key component of your business, you need to ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible to keep your customers happy and maximize profitability. No matter how big or small the job, there are a lot of moving parts that impact your efficiency and profitability – everything from budgets, contracts and progress billing, to service delivery, staff productivity and purchasing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage every aspect of your jobs, and capture all the costs, within a single system?

Now you can, with SAP Business One. The solution integrates the sales and service sides of your business, allowing you to manage your inventory, sales and service jobs in one system, ensuring your data is timely and accurate. With an embedded cost management solution, you can ensure that you’re capturing all of the costs associated with your jobs, including resources, materials and employee time.

Key Benefits for Industrial Sales & Service

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Maximize Profitability

  • Access real-time detailed cost information
  • Be proactive about jobs that require additional attention
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Manage Resources

  • Schedule resources and track usage against jobs
  • Accurately track employee time against jobs for more accurate billing
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Coordinate Service Calls

  • Integrate job quoting, purchasing and timesheet management
  • Create new jobs directly from service calls
Business management solutions for inventory and distribution

Allocate Inventory to Jobs

  • Track inventory against jobs for more accurate billing
  • Have the materials you need, when you need them
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