Is NetSuite Right for Small Business?

Jalene Ippolito April 06, 2021

When it comes to business systems, there’s a natural progression for small businesses. You start with the lowest cost option and build the entire business on spreadsheets. Eventually, you move onto a basic accounting software, like QuickBooks or FreshBooks – something a little more sophisticated, but still easy to use without deep accounting knowledge. And you’ll likely add a few other tools along the way, like CRM, project management, inventory management, etc. Many companies can get by like this for years.

But even small companies with relatively simple processes will feel the weight of this disjointed approach. You might think you’re too small for a ‘big’ software like ERP. But if your productivity is down, you don’t have visibility into performance or you’re just struggling to manage the mess of systems you use, it’s time to consider an ERP solution.

NetSuite Starter Edition is the ideal solution for small businesses with less than 10 users. In just a few weeks, you’ll be up and running with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and dashboards for all your key roles. By starting with your most important processes, you can see short-term results at a reasonable cost, while building a foundation to grow in the future.

Why Small Businesses Choose NetSuite

1. Get rid of manual processes

On average, employees spend 22% of their time on repetitive tasks. For small businesses with small teams, the impact of that is huge. Consider how much time you would free up across your company if you automated those repetitive tasks. Now think about what you could accomplish with that extra time.

If we look specifically at using NetSuite to automate accounting processes, you could see benefits like this:

  • 20% to 50% reduction in financial close time

  • 25% to 50% increase in accounting staff productivity

  • 30% to 50% reduction in AR collection time

2. Gain real-time visibility into performance

How easily can you answer key questions in your business today? Do you know the value of your outstanding receivables? How about profitability indicators? Inventory turnover? Top selling products? Whatever the key indicators are for your business, you need a way to answer these questions, so you know what move to make next.

NetSuite Starter Edition comes with over 95 pre-built reports and role-based dashboards developed from real-world use by people in roles like yours. Every member of your team has easy access to the information that matters most.

3. Lower IT infrastructure costs

Many small companies discount ERP software because they’re afraid of the price tag. But when you have a collection of systems that you need to maintain, the costs add up. There’s the cost of each system on its own, plus the IT overhead to host any on-premise systems and maintain integrations.

With NetSuite, you have a cloud system that’s always up to date on the latest version. Their cloud infrastructure offers levels of security and data redundancy that no small business can achieve on their own without significant cost.

4. An affordable system that grows with you

NetSuite Starter Edition is designed as an affordable option for small companies. The brick-by-brick scaling model allows you to pay only for what you need right now, keeping the cost down. As you grow, you can add new functionality or scale up your licensing model as you need. Putting the foundation in place early, while your processes are still relatively simple, makes it easier to adapt your system to match your changing needs. If you wait until you’re overwhelmed by inefficiency, the transition will be a bigger challenge.

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