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Solutions That Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Every business is different and sometimes our customers face challenges that require unique solutions not available out-of-the-box. That’s where our experienced development team comes in – they can create specialized systems that are useful and relevant to your business. Depending on your requirements, solutions can be stand alone or fully integrated with SAP Business One.

Examples of Our Custom Solutions

Enterprise Project Manager (EPM)

EPM is a web-based project management tool that integrates with SAP Business One, allowing your team to manage all aspects of ongoing projects, including time and expense submission and approval, resource allocation, activity tracking and reporting. Click the image on the right to see a larger version.

ProjectLine EPM Project Resources screen
Plan Board Control for Enprise Job and SAP Business One

Eralis Job Plan Board

This GANTT control offers users an interactive project scheduling control that is fully integrated with SAP Business One and Eralis Job. SAP Business One users have the ability to edit the schedule right within the control and updates are saved back to Business One and Eralis Job. A read-only mode also allows every member of your team to access the Plan Board without needing additional SAP Business One user licenses. Click the image on the left to see a larger version.


The CommunityView Collaboration brings together community data from various organizations in an easy-to-use tool for researchers and the public to obtain data. The goal is to provide relevant, reliable, local information to inform planning, decision making and policy development for Saskatoon and surrounding area.

We partnered with the Saskatoon Health Region and City of Saskatoon to create the CommunityView Resource Catalog software. This web-based application allows you to create customized maps of the greater Saskatoon area, with layered resources based on Census variables and indicators. Click the image on the left to see a larger version.

Check out the Resource Catalog >

CommunityView map
emLine DataLogger application


One of the first programs we ever developed, emLine is an Environmental  Information Management System (EIMS) designed for mining and environmental companies. The software consolidates all environmental sampling data into a single source application that handles data entry, standards, scheduling, lab data exchange and reporting. The original application was extended to include emLine DataLogger, which handles high frequency environmental condition data captured by data logger equipment. Click the image on the right to see a larger version.

Learn more about emLine >

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