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Welcome to a More Colorful, Human Side of ERP

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Derin Hildebrandt July 12th, 2019

Author: Derin Hildebrandt

I’m excited to share with you the next evolution of the ProjectLine brand – The human side of ERP.

We sell ERP software, but we’re not just a software vendor. We strive to develop ERP solutions for people first, considering not just your business needs and processes, but your culture as well. The relationships we develop with our customers are at the core of everything we do. And we wanted to reflect that in our brand.

Our new tagline – The human side of ERP – articulates who we are and what we do in a single statement. We don’t simply sell and implement a software solution. We focus on creating an ERP experience where our customers feel comfortable, empowered and secure as they transition to a better way of doing business.

We believe putting people first is the best way to make technology work for them. It’s a conviction that sets us apart. Hear more from our team on what it means to be the human side of ERP.



July 12th 2019
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