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Whether you're a small business looking to streamline your processes or a mid-size company looking to grow your operations, SAP Business One will help you meet your goals.

It’s flexible, scalable and customizable to grow with your business.

As an SAP Business One partner, we understand that investing in ERP software is a big decision and the cost is an important factor to consider. 

Here’s a quick look at license costs

SAP Business One offers two types of licenses based on the user access required.

They’re perpetual licenses, so you pay a one-time fee to own the license forever, plus an annual maintenance fee for each license to access bug fixes and new versions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the one-time license costs.

  • A Professional license is $4,455 per named user and provides complete access to every module and feature).
  • A Limited license is $2,310 per named user. Limited licenses are just as the name implies – they offer limited features based on user roles. They come in three varieties – CRM, Financials and Logistics – each with its own mix of features.

Now that you understand license costs, here are some other factors that can impact the price of your ERP solution. 

  • The number of users that will access the system.
  • The preferred option for deployment (on-premise or our private cloud service).
     The functionality you need to meet your requirements.
  • Any customization or integrations you need to meet unique requirements that don’t come out of the box.
  • Licenses and implementation services for add-on solutions.
  • Other licenses for mobile app users or indirect access to SAP Business One data in third-party applications.

No matter how simple or complex your business requirements are, our goal is to help you find the right tools to streamline your operations, increase productivity and grow your business – without breaking the bank.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

We’ve been on SAP Business One for the past 13 years, which has enabled our growth and grown with us. SAP is a part of virtually every business plan we do.
Nathan Pye Headshot Nathan Pye, KEGO Corporation
ProjectLine has unlocked value, given us access to our data and an understanding of our own business, leveraging SAP Business One.
Scott Delaney Headshot Scott Delaney, Lumenix
If we had not gone with SAP Business One, and not gone with a strong partner like ProjectLine Solutions, then I fear that our business would not have been able to grow to the size that it is today.
Tom Boehm Headshot Tom Boehm, Team Power Solutions

Before you invest in us, we invest in you.

As a Canadian SAP Business One partner, we don’t just sell software. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your business inside and out. Only then will we create a solution that fits your business, culture and, most importantly, your people.

We’ll ease your team’s transition to SAP Business One and ensure you have a solution that helps your business run smoothly, not just today, but 10 years from now.


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