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Whether you're a small business, an enterprise-level business or something in between, NetSuite has a pricing plan that will work for you with the peace of mind that you'll never pay for more than you need.


NetSuite is a robust cloud-based ERP solution that helps you grow your business, increase efficiency and boost profitability.

That’s why more than 33,000 companies trust NetSuite to streamline their processes and reach the next level of success.

If you’re considering NetSuite to achieve similar results but need help with pricing, we’re here to guide you.

We understand that investing in NetSuite is a big decision and finding clear pricing information online can be challenging. As a NetSuite partner, we work with you to understand your business needs and provide a realistic estimate for your implementation that aligns with your goals.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll discuss to price your NetSuite solution.

  • How big is your company? The suite you need depends on your company size, user count and financial complexity.
  • What functionality do you need? All NetSuite editions come with core CRM and ERP features, including accounting, basic inventory management and purchasing. If you need industry-specific functionality, you’ll likely purchase a collection of modules as a part of your industry suite.
  • How many users do you need? In addition to your suite fee, you’ll pay a fee for each user, based on the type of license they need.
  • What’s the scope of your implementation? Your implementation cost will be determined by the functionality and complexity of your business, plus any customizations or integrations you need.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

ProjectLine impressed my team with a thorough reply to our RFP along with some very detailed demos. This gave us confidence that their team would be willing and able to properly understand our somewhat complex requirements before arriving at a solution.
Brandon Jewitt Headshot Brandon Jewitt, On the Water Designs
We need to keep evolving. We do that together with ProjectLine – it’s now a team. As we face new challenges in our business, they’re along with us to help us solve those challenges.
Sean Lavin Headshot Sean Lavin, Aircom Instrumentation
ProjectLine understands the business the same way we understand the business. They’re invested in our success the same way our staff are invested in the success of the project.
Ron Price Headshot Ron Price, Silver Crystal Sports

Before you invest in us, we invest in you

As a North American NetSuite partner, we don’t just sell software. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your business inside and out. Only then will we create a solution that fits your business, culture and, most importantly, your people.

We’ll ease your team’s transition to NetSuite and ensure you have a solution that helps your business run smoothly, not just today, but 10 years from now.


Deep business expertise and technical NetSuite knowledge


Support through your ERP journey – from purchase to go-live and beyond


A key partner that’s invested in your success the same way you are