3 Ways to Optimize Fulfillment with NetSuite Order Management

Jalene Ippolito April 20, 2021

For small and mid-size wholesalers, inefficient order fulfillment can make or break the business. Any delay or error in order processing can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Not to mention that a heavy reliance on manual processes can increase operational costs. The key to overcoming these challenges is integrating all parts of your order management process in a single system so the data flows seamlessly from order straight through to shipping and invoicing. No manual effort required. Read on to see how NetSuite helps you achieve this level of efficiency.

1. Integrate your end-to-end order flow

With NetSuite, all your order data is in one system. You can track your customers through every stage of the order process, from that first marketing touch, to order, invoice, shipping and support. The integrated NetSuite CRM gives you full visibility on all activity that happens leading up to the sale. Order information from all sales channels is captured in the system, triggering your warehouse team to pick, pack and ship the order. At the same time, your accounting team is triggered to process the invoice and payment. The automated flow of information eliminates the opportunity for manual error in fulfillment or billing, so you have more efficient employees and happier customers.

2. Fill orders faster

NetSuite allows you to manage inventory in multiple locations, including warehouses, drop shipments and third-party distribution centers. Sophisticated rules determine the best shipping location so you can increase on-time delivery and lower your shipping costs. Order routing helps you fill orders in real-time, rather than batch processing to get the order out the door as soon as possible.

3. Satisfy customers with ecommerce and self-service options

A McKinsey study found that 97% of B2B buyers will purchase in a digital self-service model. They want easy access to purchasing and account management at their convenience. When you pair NetSuite’s order management capabilities with their fully integrated ecommerce platform, you can give your customers the experience they expect. Not only can you capture more sales online, but you can integrate with your shipping partners to give customers instant access to order updates. And your team saves time responding to requests for shipping information. It’s a win-win.

Companies that implement these strategies have seen 5% to 17% cost savings thanks to lower headcount – they simply don’t need as many bodies once their processes are automated.

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