NetSuite ERP & Ecommerce Integration for Seamless Checkout Experiences

Jalene Ippolito July 24, 2023

Every online retailer aims to get website visitors to complete a sale. However, cart abandonment continues to be one of the main hurdles that ecommerce companies face.

How do you ensure that when visitors add items to the shopping cart, they complete the checkout process and log a purchase?

A poor online checkout system makes it difficult and frustrating for customers to complete a sale. It creates a negative user experience that potentially impacts customer loyalty apart from leading to poor conversion rates and decreased sales.

Businesses can overcome the challenges of poor online checkout systems, improve user experience, and drive higher conversion rates by integrating their ecommerce system with NetSuite ERP.

In this article, you'll find answers to some common questions on NetSuite ecommerce ERP:

  • What is NetSuite ERP? Is NetSuite ERP cloud-based?
  • Why should you integrate NetSuite ERP with your ecommerce system?
  • How does an integrated ERP help optimize the online checkout experience?

ProjectLine is an implementation partner for NetSuite in Canada, helping online businesses and marketplaces to integrate their ecommerce system with NetSuite to provide a single source of truth for inventory tracking, orders and customer data for a seamless shopping experience.

What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a cloud-based software that integrates core business functions into a single, unified system.

NetSuite's Commerce module, SuiteCommerce, offers comprehensive features for seamless shopping experiences, unifying siloed online and in-store operations with various functional modules. It provides an end-to-end platform that enables online retailers and marketplaces to build, manage and optimize online stores.

SuiteCommerce integrates seamlessly with other NetSuite modules, such as inventory management, order management, CRM and financials, helping online sellers to manage product catalogues, process orders, handle payments and track customer interactions.

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The benefits of integrating NetSuite ERP with your ecommerce system

Integrating key ecommerce functionality with NetSuite helps distributors and retailers manage their inventory better and optimize the checkout process to provide a seamless, shopping experience.

Here are some of the key benefits of an integrated NetSuite ERP:

Sync data automatically and in real-time

Once you integrate your ecommerce system with NetSuite, order details will automatically reflect in your NetSuite ERP system. No need to manually re-enter order data! Automation cuts out human intervention, reducing errors, saving time and improving productivity.

With an integrated ERP solution, you can reduce inventory costs by up to 30% by leveraging sales forecasts and demand planning tools to invest in the right inventory at the right time. Each time an order is placed from your ecommerce site, the data syncs in real-time with the demand planning tool, so you can see how well products are selling, when you need to re-order and what quantities are needed.

Display accurate and consistent availability status

When you integrate your ecommerce system with NetSuite, you can configure your online store to display an alert when items are in low supply or mark items as being out of stock. When inventory data is consistent with item availability on your website, it prevents a stockout situation after an order is placed and avoids the discontent of customers not getting what they ordered.

Centralized and unified view of data

An integrated ecommerce and ERP system keeps all order data in a centralized location so your staff can access it easily through one interface. This enables faster order processing and minimizes inconsistencies between your ecommerce system data and the orders logged in your ERP.

Streamlined reporting

An integrated system helps you generate comprehensive reports such as inventory valuation, profit and loss statements, cash flow and more. Accurate and real-time reporting enables you to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, improve customer experience and drive growth.

NetSuite’s powerful analytics and reporting tools can help you identify underlying issues with your checkout system and give you valuable insights into your ecommerce operations. Besides, you can also optimize the checkout experience by asking for and analyzing customer feedback, conducting usability tests, and regularly checking for technical problems or bottlenecks in the checkout process.

ProjectLine works with online sellers to maximize the benefits of their NetSuite system by integrating it tightly with their ecommerce platform.

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Optimize online checkout experiences with NetSuite ERP & ecommerce integration

According to the Baymard Institute, which conducts original large-scale research studies on all aspects of the online user experience, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is about 69.99%.

If you still operate with a stand-alone ecommerce store, you probably do not have enough data to link inventory issues with cart abandonment rates. Why are site visitors abandoning their carts? Is your checkout process too long or overly complex? Are you forcing visitors to sign up or log in before they can checkout?

As your ecommerce business scales, point solutions or disparate systems for ecommerce, inventory management and accounting will create inefficiencies. The solution is to upgrade to a complete ecommerce ERP platform that pulls all key areas of your business into one unified system.

An integrated system helps you track key metrics, and gain insights to address issues such as low conversion rates or high abandoned cart rates. Data-driven decisions help you to optimize checkout and conversions.

We recommend SuiteCommerce as the ideal platform to unify ecommerce with your core operational systems.

SuiteCommerce has native integrations with POS, inventory and order management, marketing, customer service and financials, eliminating the need for integrations among disparate systems. Combined with the NetSuite ERP, it provides a unified view of data which helps stakeholders make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

However, even if you use a different ecommerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce, ProjectLine can work with you to integrate NetSuite ERP with your ecommerce processes and streamline processes to enhance the overall customer experience.

Why choose ProjectLine as your NetSuite ERP partner

Once you have decided to integrate your ecommerce platform with an ERP solution like NetSuite, it’s equally important to choose an experienced implementation partner. You need a partner who can understand the needs and challenges of your ecommerce business and can customize your ERP to address your pain points.

ProjectLine is just the right partner to tailor your NetSuite ERP and integrate it with your ecommerce system.

We focus on customer experience, going far beyond the features and functions of the NetSuite software. We consider not just your business needs but also your employees and your company's culture. That's the human side of ERP!

As an experienced NetSuite ERP partner, we know that successful integration between ecommerce and ERP systems is the key to driving results for online retailers and marketplaces.

That's why our consultants go the extra mile to truly understand your checkout system and its shortcomings before they tailor your NetSuite ERP solution to optimize your online checkout system.

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