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Paymate Payroll Solutions for SAP Business One

Paymate solutions integrate with SAP Business One to provide enhanced functionality in payroll, HR and time/attendance tracking. Choose to implement a fully unified solution or any combination of the following individual modules to meet your specific needs:

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  • Payroll – improve productivity and simplify administration of payroll processes.
  • Human resources – keep all of your employee information in one place, including benefits, performance reviews, training, absences and more.
  • Time and attendance – track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time with web-based time sheets and electronic approvals.
  • Employee self-service – enable employees and managers to manage their web-based time sheets and access information they need, reducing HR administrative requests.
  • Scheduling – use Paymate Harmony to manage work time, absences, projects and employee schedules, all in the cloud.
  • Recruitment – better manage your recruitment process from posting a vacancy, right through to hiring an applicant and integrating them into the HR system.
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