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Boyum IT Usability Enhancements for SAP Business One

Boyum IT is a leading SAP Business One development firm, offering professional users a great and safe IT solution with high reliability and security. Their companion solutions for SAP Business One allow for enhanced usability and customization to ensure the system is working for you. The solutions are designed to work across industries, so they’ll improve your day-to-day processes no matter what your business focus is.

B1 Usability Package (B1UP) – Simplicity at Work

Your business is unique and Boyum IT understands that. You have special processes and rules that out-of-the-box SAP Business One may not be able to fulfill. This is where customization comes into place. The great thing about the B1 Usability Package is that it allows you to do most of your customization using a single tool and without multiple added costs.

With the B1 Usability Package you can:

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  • Automate processes which used to be manual.
  • Design SAP Business One to your own needs without being a developer.
  • Create new business processes at ease.
  • Control your data quality and automate data entry.
  • Reduce your paper consumption to the minimum and automate communication with your customers and suppliers.
  • Integrate your email marketing with SAP Business One using one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter systems.
  • Monitor and administer your attached files more closely and enrich them with associations to SAP Business One projects, profit centers, documents, etc.
  • Track your employees’ time and travel, and invoice your customers for different work done.
  • And more…
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CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook is an innovative solution which enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly from within Outlook, saving time and increasing user adoption of your SAP Business One system.

Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer, update a business opportunity or lead, or even create documents, you can now do this in Outlook.

By working directly in Outlook, your employees can perform all of their key tasks and have them captured and organized within your SAP Business One system. Not only does this get employees to accept the system, it ensures customer profiles stay up-to-date and accurate, company wide.

Here are just some of the CRM for Outlook features:

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  • Manage and update business partners, contacts, opportunities and activities directly in Outlook, saving time and making updates easier.
  • Create and send e-mails in Outlook as you always do, and link them to SAP Business One records (sales orders, contracts, activities, etc.), making it easier to maintain a history of communications with customers.
  • Allow all of your employees to share and see recent activities connected to business partners.
  • Jump directly to relevant information in SAP Business One with a single click.
  • Customize for your own needs. Choose relevant UDF (user-defined field) information from SAP Business One that you want to display on your Outlook ribbon when you receive an e-mail.
  • Create documents on the fly, directly from Outlook, like activities that would also appear in your Outlook calendar.
  • Improve your daily work routines further through integrations. Call your contacts from Skype or Lync. Look up directions on Google Maps. Go directly to a Business Partner’s website in your favorite browser.

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