SAP Business One Features

Robust ERP Functionality for Small to Mid-size Businesses

SAP Business One is a comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP solution designed for small to mid-size companies.

It takes you far beyond what basic accounting software or a collection of loosely coupled tools can accomplish. With SAP Business One, you can harness the power of a single core system to grow your business with confidence.

SAP Business One allows us to understand exactly what the opportunities are for growing the business.


Aaron Cash, Garage Living

SAP Business One Finance & Accounting Functionality

Finance & Accounting

Connect your financial data to the rest of your business. Tie everything together into a single system to get more accurate and timely financial information.

  • Complete your period end closes quickly and accurately.

  • Closely manage your company's finances, including cash flow, bank accounts, loans etc.

  • Create budgets and financial forecasts based on accurate historical data.

  • Ensure you're compliant with all applicable audit and tax requirements.

  • Get a clear picture of your organization's financial performance at any point in time.

  • Make more profitable decisions using real-time data.

  • Simplify your time consuming and complex payroll processes.

SAP Business One Sales & CRM Functionality

Sales & Customer Relationship Management

Drive revenue by enhancing your customer experience - from first touch, to sale and throughout post-purchase engagement.

  • Effectively manage sales opportunities to turn more prospects into customers.

  • Easily maintain a database of your contacts and track all sales activities.

  • Provide accurate price quotes and delivery dates for products or services.

  • Streamline your sales team's activities with templates for sales orders, quotes and proposals.

  • Give your sales team a complete view of your customers and their needs.

SAP Business One Purchasing Functionality


Optimize your inventory and material costs by simplifying your purchasing processes and managing vendor relationships more effectively.

  • Clearly see the quantity of each product in stock.

  • Confidently forecast demand based on seasonal and other cycles.

  • Manage procurement costs.

  • Ensure raw material orders are timed appropriately with production orders using MRP (Materials Resource Planning) features.

  • Allocate inventory and materials against service jobs.

SAP Business One Inventory Management Functionality

Inventory Management

Consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience by ensuring you have the right product, for the right customer, at the right time.

  • Eliminate the manual effort in managing your inventory.

  • Reduce the frequency of backorders.

  • Collect payment faster with simplified order-to-cash processes.

  • Use sophisticated forecasting and planning tools to optimize your inventory levels.

  • Reduce inventory costs with better inventory control and material planning.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved on-time delivery rates.

  • Easily track and record stock movement so you know where your product is at all times.

SAP Business One Job Costing & Service Delivery Functionality

Job Costing & Delivery

Simplify the way you manage service jobs – from planning, to scheduling and costing. Get a clear picture of your performance on every job, as it’s happening.

  • Ensure all actual costs are tracked against your jobs to improve invoicing accuracy and boost your cash flow.

  • Gain full visibility of service events against related contracts or equipment.

  • Create more accurate job estimates based on historical data.

  • Increase the accuracy of your accounting procedures and eliminate manual revenue recognition.

  • Easily track phases and milestones against your service contracts.

  • Allocate the right staff, equipment and materials to each job.

  • Get total visibility of resource commitments across all jobs to maximize utilization.

  • Give your field services team instant access to their schedule, job details and activity tracking.

  • Evaluate job performance in real-time.

SAP Business One Project Management Functionality

Project Management

Enable your team to focus on what matters most – delivering quality service to your clients. Minimize the manual effort across your organization with integrated project and operations management.

  • Effectively schedule projects and allocate resources with company-wide capacity planning.

  • Proactively identify potential issues and resolve them before they impact the success of the project.

  • Refine project quoting based on historical data.

  • Easily track, review and approve costs against your projects.

  • Understand both the costs and profitability of your projects.

  • Reduce leakage with more accurate labour and expense capture against projects.

  • Speed up your time to invoice and collect payment faster.

  • Access critical information across all aspects of service delivery – from resource availability, to project costs and client satisfaction.

ERP Functionality - Manufacturing & Production


Optimize your manufacturing processes and gain total visibility into your production costs.

  • Get a clear picture of your production materials, resources and equipment availability.

  • Streamline your ordering process to ensure you have the right materials at the right time.

  • Schedule your production line more efficiently and reduce lead times.

  • Accurately allocate raw materials and resources to production orders.

  • Fully understand the production costs on each product.

SAP Business One Reporting & Analytics Functionality

Reporting & Analytics

Run your business with confidence using accurate, timely information to inform your decisions.

  • Get a complete view of your organization’s performance, including revenue, costs and margins.

  • Identify your most profitable customers and maintain the relationship to maximize revenue opportunities.

  • Identify your least profitable customers and develop targeted action plans to convert them into more profitable relationships.

  • Pivot at a moment’s notice with actionable, real-time data.

  • Access up-to-date information on your distribution and supply channels.

  • Analyze financial performance throughout your projects, not just when they’re complete.

  • Understand the true cost of performing your jobs – everything from labour, to materials and even equipment.

SAP Business One Mobile Apps

SAP Business One customer information on mobile app SAP Business One calendar view on mobile app SAP Business One dashboard KPIs on mobile device

Access your core business data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Our SAP Business One mobile solutions allow you to:

  • Manage customer and prospect relationships with easy contact updates and activity tracking.

  • Easily manage sales pipeline, orders and service call activities.

  • Check on-hand inventory, item information and product available to promise.

  • Monitor job and business performance in real-time.

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Extending the Power of SAP Business One

Our approach to ERP leverages SAP Business One as the backbone of your business. For specific business or industry requirements that need a best-of-breed solution, we design seamless, strategic integrations that make the other tools you use a component of your SAP Business One system, instead of a separate entity.

Explore the certified SAP Business One companion solutions we endorse. Each one has been thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure a perfect fit. If the perfect solution doesn't already exist, we'll build one for you.

Boyum Usability solutions for SAP Business One

Enhanced Usability

The Boyum B1 Usability Package allows you to easily adapt your SAP Business One system and automate processes. No developer experience required.

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Boyum CRM for Outlook tool for SAP Business One

Enhanced Usability

Boyum’s CRM for Outlook tool enables your sales, support and management teams to update SAP Business One customer data directly from Microsoft Outlook.

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Enterpryze mobile apps for SAP Business One

Mobile Accessibility

The Enterpryze collection of mobile apps make connecting, maintaining and updating SAP Business One data simple and easy.

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Eralis job costing solution for SAP Business One

Job Costing

The Eralis Job Suite allows you to easily track and manage every aspect of your service jobs in SAP Business One.

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Eralis project management solution for SAP Business One

Project Management

Eralis Project integrates with SAP Business One to give you sophisticated end-to-end project and business management.

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Paymate payroll solutions for SAP Business One

Payroll & HR

Paymate solutions integrate with SAP Business One to provide enhanced payroll and HR functionality.

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Why Our Customers Choose SAP Business One

With SAP Business One, average daily time savings across 12 users is almost one hour per day. One month after going live, we calculate that over $60K of our annual labour budget has already been reinvested back into higher value tasks.


Sean Lavin, Aircom Instrumentation

Bringing SAP Business One on board, what we’ve noticed really quickly is that integrating our different groups together and sharing information is making us a lot faster and smarter.


Liam Ellis, Lumenix

SAP Business One really does have all the tools that we need and is very easy to navigate. The information that we get from SAP has been invaluable to our company's growth.


Katherine Kalen, SUNPAN Modern Home

Grow your business with SAP Business One