SAP Case Study: ProjectLine Customer Stories


Growing the Business with SAP Business One

Vandaele Seeds is a processor and exporter of the highest quality seeds and grains for human consumption, animal feed and agriculture across the globe. They chose SAP Business One to support their operations under a stringent HACCP program including end-to-end traceability and food safety. The solution is providing a future-ready foundation that will accommodate the company’s continuing growth.

About Vandaele Seeds

Location: Medora, Manitoba

Industry: Agribusiness

Products & Services: Processing and exporting of seeds

Employees: 50–100


SAP Business One has really helped with our quality control and traceability program. We can continue to trace each individual shipment or lot number throughout our production and shipping procedures. It helps maintain the traceability of our end product.

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Cal Vandaele, President

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Value Driven Results

  • SAP Business One enables Vandaele Seeds to achieve quality control and traceability for individual shipments or lot numbers
  • The solution has increased efficiency throughout the business, allowing them to save time on routine tasks


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Challenges & Opportunities

  • Required a system to drive business growth and support future expansion
  • Heavy reliance on Excel spreadsheets
  • The system needed to support the stringent controls and traceability required in their industry

Tasks that used to take as much 2 hours, are now taking 20 minutes.

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Cal Vandaele, President

Why ProjectLine & SAP Business One

  • After researching different systems and partners, Vandaele Seeds selected SAP Business One and ProjectLine as the best option to support their ongoing growth
  • ProjectLine has a strong team that Vandaele Seeds felt they could trust as a strategic business partner
  • ProjectLine is supportive and continuously enables Vandaele Seeds to get the most out of SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One encompasses all areas of the business, including purchasing, sales contracts, exports, shipping documents and accounting

We feel that Vandaele Seeds, ProjectLine and SAP Business One are all on the same team. We need business partners to grow with our company and accommodate that growth. That was a big factor in selecting SAP Business One and ProjectLine.

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Cal Vandaele, President

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