SUNPAN Modern Home

Connected and Comfortable with SAP Business One

SUNPAN is a fast growing global furniture company specializing in the design and manufacturing of transitional and contemporary furnishings. The company is committed to understanding fashion and design to offer a diverse selection of high-end looks at affordable prices. With the implementation of SAP Business One and an integrated e-commerce site, SUNPAN has seen significant and continual growth.


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Industry: Distributor/Wholesaler, Consumer Products

Products & Services: Furniture

Employees: 50-100


SAP Business One really does have all the tools that we need, and is very easy to navigate. The information that we get from SAP has been invaluable to our company’s growth

Katherine Kalen Katherine Kalen, Marketing Director

Value Driven Results

SUNPAN has a big picture view across all areas of the business, with reporting and data from all departments
They have seen increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by integrating their business into a single system that everyone in the company can leverage
SUNPAN has doubled their sales revenue in the last 5–10 years

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Useful reporting was a challenge without having all the data in one system
  • Static website did not offer e-commerce functionality

Once we implemented SAP, because we were able to better analyze our data, we were also able to implement certain strategies that help us continue to grow, and to actually double our sales in the last 5 to 10 years.

Katherine Kalen Katherine Kalen, Marketing Director

Why SAP Business One & ProjectLine

  • SAP Business One connects all the areas of the business, including marketing, operations, logistics, accounting and sales, providing real-time integration of data
  • SAP Business One can be implemented internationally in areas with support teams such as China and Vietnam
  • SAP Business One is an intuitive tool that’s easy to use and can be tailored to meet specific needs
  • ProjectLine is a supportive partner, working closely with SUNPAN to address their needs over time

SUNPAN is really grateful for the support that we’ve received from ProjectLine, as well as the SAP Business One tool. It has become invaluable for our company.

Katherine Kalen Katherine Kalen, Marketing Director