Lighting Up the Energy Service Market with SAP Business One

Lumenix is an integrated energy service solution provider for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The firm was looking to incorporate new businesses, improve inventory management and better understand its sales and finances. With SAP Business One, Lumenix can co-ordinate and integrate the activities of their diverse teams. They are able to consolidate information, map workflows, document processes and share insights faster and smarter. ProjectLine has helped the company onboard new functionality in bite-size pieces to create value at each and every stage.

About Lumenix

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

Industry: Energy Services

Products & Services: Energy retrofit projects, LED lighting, HVAC automation and controls


Having an end-to-end ERP system is going to help us consolidate all of these different groups of knowledge, respond to a fast-moving market and over-service our clients. We believe that’s going to differentiate us over time.

Liam Ellis Liam Ellis, Executive Vice President

Value Driven Results

All teams can work together under the same platform, sharing the same information
More accurate information has provided a better understanding of their business
SAP Business One provides a platform to seamlessly incorporate new businesses

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Rapidly changing market and technology
  • Fast growing business, both organically and inorganically (through acquisitions)
  • Multiple high performing teams in the company need to co-ordinate with each other
  • Creating the next generation of jobs

There have been some key different bottlenecks and different problems throughout the growth of the business. SAP Business One has been a tool that has been a huge benefit to us. And it will remain that way, as we are just getting warmed up.

Scott Delaney Scott Delaney, Chairman & CEO

Why SAP Business One & ProjectLine

  • ProjectLine has a thoughtful team who understood, even better than Lumenix, where their key challenges were before implementing SAP Business One
  • ProjectLine is an integrated part of the business, keeping things simple for the Lumenix team
  • SAP Business One is an integrated system and provides a reliable single source of information

ProjectLine has unlocked value – they’ve given us access to our data and an understanding of our own business, leveraging SAP Business One.

Scott Delaney Scott Delaney, Chairman & CEO