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Canada Green Natural Products

Transforming the Food Industry with SAP Business One


Canada Green started in 2007 as the first supplier of biodegradable and compostable food service products in Winnipeg, Canada. With distributors across 6 provinces, the company has been evolving and increasing sales that bring their products across the country with the aim of slowing the flow of food packaging waste. Because the owners had implemented SAP Business One in a parallel business, they new about its values and possibilities and decided to implement it from day one for Canada Green.

About Canada Green

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Industry: Consumer Products

Products & Services: Biodegradable and compostable food service products

Employees: 7


“We see Canada green expanding considerably over the next several years, and SAP Business One will support us as we grow and make our way through the expansion.”
Headshot-Gary-Keam-GreyGary Keam, VP Finance

Value Driven Results

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Increasing complexity of the business
  • Very high transactional load
  • Accurate reporting is required in the beverage and alcohol industry

“Sap Business One allows us to be efficient in every stage of what we do.”

Headshot-Geoff-KeamGeoff Keam, Sales Representative

Why SAP Business One & ProjectLine

  • SAP Business One is an integrated and powerful system
  • ProjectLine has taken the time to understand the complexity of the business
  • The ProjectLine team has a deep knowledge of SAP Business One and is able to provide effective solutions to business challenges

“We chose ProjectLine because they were the only ones who had a system that would meet what we needed. They have a great support system in our area so we can contact them for information, feedback and assistance when we need it. If there is a problem we can always find someone to help us get through it.”

Headshot-Gary-KeamGary Keam, VP Finance