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Aircom Instrumentation

Customized Service with SAP Business One

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Aircom Instrumentation serves the process and measurement industry with temperature sensor manufacturing, specialty welding and instrumentation product distribution. With SAP Business One, Aircom was able to achieve efficiencies in their sales process, which saved one full-time equivalent staff position. These savings were re-invested back into customer-focused activities.

About Aircom Instrumentation

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Industry: Industrial Automation

Products & Services: Provider of instrumentation products and services

Employees: 25


“SAP Business One allows our team to be more efficient by having the information we need at our fingertips. One month after going live, we calculate that over $60K of our annual labour budget has already been reinvested back into higher value tasks.”
Headshot: Sean Lavin, Aircom InstrumentationSean Lavin, President

Value Driven Results

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Making modifications to accounting system to handle special manufacturing processes

  • Unique system requirements to handle service, distribution and manufacturing

  • Continual growth

“SAP Business One changed our company, literally overnight. And the biggest change was that it brought in all the departments together under one software platform.”
Headshot: Sean Lavin, Aircom InstrumentationSean Lavin, President

Why SAP Business One & ProjectLine

  • SAP Business One has the flexibility to handle the combination of needs for different aspects of the business

  • ProjectLine is a strong partner that understands their business and how to use SAP Business One to effectively meet their needs

“We need to keep evolving with our challenging customers, our competitors, the environment around and the marketplaces. We do that together with ProjectLine – it’s now a team. As we face new challenges in our business, they’re along with us to help us solve those challenges.”
Headshot: Sean Lavin, Aircom InstrumentationSean Lavin, President