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Private Cloud Hosting for SAP Business One

We’ll Handle the Infrastructure. So You Can Focus on Growing Your Business.

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With SAP Business One, you don’t just get flexibility in terms of configuration. You also get to choose the deployment model that makes sense for your business – on-premise or private cloud. Some companies think it’s easier and more cost-effective to host on-premise using their own servers, but there’s actually a lot more to consider. The biggest argument for private cloud hosting? Peace of mind.

Think of it this way…your SAP Business One system is the backbone of your company. It houses all of your most important data. Can you risk downtime – or worse, lost data – because your system wasn’t properly backed up?

With ProjectLine’s private cloud hosting service, this is never a worry. Our secure, fully managed service is delivered on enterprise-level infrastructure in a Tier 3 facility. What exactly does that mean? Your system is supported by a level of infrastructure and redundancy that simply isn’t possible on your own.

[Icon] 24/7 access to hosted data
Reliable 24/7 Access
  • Data can be quickly and easily restored in the event of a failure. Databases are backed up every 15 minutes or daily (dependent on your database technology) and files every 4 hours. 

  • Redundant, dual powered servers ensure your systems are available even in the event of a catastrophic facility failure.
  • Backup generators provide consistent uptime in the event of longer power outages. 

  • Your system is easily accessible using Microsoft’s remote desktop connection software (download from our Support page). 

[Icon] Customer Services
Hassle Free Management
  • Allow your internal IT team to focus on other priorities, instead of monitoring server performance, managing complex hardware and applying security updates. 

  • Simple per-user pricing provides you with predictable quarterly invoices and budgeting piece of mind. 

  • Choose the software option that works best for you. You can maintain ownership of all required software or we can provide the necessary Microsoft software on a subscription basis.

  • If you ever need to migrate off our servers, we provide a single file that’s easily transferrable to another server. 

[Icon] Sales and service
Expert Technical Support
  • Our service is optimized for hosting SAP Business One and its component system, following and exceeding SAP recommended specifications based on real world experience. 

  • Your systems are continuously monitored by our experienced in-house team to spot and address potential issues before they happen. 

  • Access our Help Desk for support, including quick resolution of issues, requests for additional users and other configuration changes. 

[Icon] Secure data with hosted solutions
Enhanced Data Security
  • Rest assured that your information is not being shared with any outside parties. As our servers are Canadian owned and run in Canada, they are not subject to the U.S. Patriot Act. 

  • Full system backups provide extra protection against ransomware attacks. 

  • Where required, security can be bolstered through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and WebDav file share connections. 

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