SAP Business One Events: 4 Highlights of ASUG SAP Business One Summit

Jalene Ippolito September 07, 2015

Delivering on the big vision of small business.

The ASUG Business One Summit in Austin, TX last week was a flurry of activity. With exceptional keynote speakers, a variety of customer-focused education sessions and lots of evening fun taking in the local music, it's hard to say what the best part of the event was. So we talked to our customers that attended to compile a list of the top four highlights – all of which we, and our customers, are looking forward to experiencing again at next year's event!

1. The future of SAP Business One for users

Seeing where the product is headed gives customers a good picture of how SAP Business One will continue to work for them as their businesses grow. One of the most anticipated updates with version 9.2, coming in December, is browser-based access. This means you can quickly and easily access your SAP Business One data wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you have full usability of the system, without the need for a remote desktop connection.

2. Valuable education and product insight

The conference offered sessions for every skill level, functional area and topic of interest – whether you're a new user or a veteran, part of the finance team or the logistics department, there was a session geared to helping you get more out of the system. As a new user to SAP Business One, one of our customers was happy to leave the conference with a better understanding of what the system could do, and some potential solutions to help overcome barriers and increase efficiency among her team.

3. Gaining insight from other SAP Business One users

Without a doubt, networking with other members of the SAP Business One community is one of the greatest benefits to our customers. Having the opportunity to chat with other users, in similar and different industries, offers insight into new and better ways to use the system and improve efficiency of day-to-day tasks.

4. Strengthening partner relationships

Having a strong partner relationship is one of the most important components of a successful implementation. Events like ASUG offer tremendous opportunity for customers to meet with us, and even some of our Solution Partners, face-to-face out of the boardroom. Beyond putting a face to a name of someone you've maybe never met, these less formal conversations help us better understand your organization and the challenges you face so we can continue working together to improve your business' efficiency and profitability.

For those of you that attended this year's event, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and feel free to tell us about your highlights in the comments. Stay in the loop on details of the 2016 Summit by joining the conversation on Twitter with #ASUGB1.

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