Simplify SAP Business One eCommerce with FocusPoint

Jalene Ippolito November 04, 2021

If you’re not adopting eCommerce, you’re behind. That’s a reality that many small to mid-size distributors are facing. According to McKinsey, this is true even in the B2B space with only 20–30% of B2B buyers wanting to interact with a sales rep.

While it might seem simple enough to setup an eCommerce site, we’d encourage you to think about how this move impacts other areas of your business. The activities on your webstore don’t happen in isolation – they impact customer information, sales forecasts, accounting and inventory data. Integrating eCommerce with your ERP system connects the data on both sides so you can expand to new sales channels, while optimizing the back-end functions that drive your webstore.

Whether you’re already using SAP Business One or considering it as your new ERP solution, there are many options you could choose for eCommerce. From eCommerce leaders like Shopify and Magento, to ERP companion solutions like Sana, k-eCommerce and more, it’s not always easy to know which option to choose.

As your trusted Canadian SAP Business One partner, we’ve done the legwork for you. Using our deep knowledge of SAP Business One and our experience integrating third-party solutions, we’ve landed on FocusPoint as our go-to eCommerce solution for our SAP Business One customers. Here’s why…

FocusPoint has a tight integration with SAP Business One

Where other eCommerce solutions use APIs to integrate with multiple ERP systems, FocusPoint has a distinct advantage in that it’s designed specifically for use with SAP Business One. Rather than spending time (and money) designing an integration, the framework has already been created, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective for you to achieve a seamless integration between systems. And unlike most other eCommerce integrations, FocusPoint syncs data in real-time so you can consistently feed information to your teams and maintain peak efficiency.

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Access advanced functionality without the high price tag

Many eCommerce solutions limit you to very basic workflows. While this may work for small distributors with simple processes, most growing companies need more robust workflows than they can get with standard eCommerce. If you want to sync unique data fields from your ERP system, customize your workflows or run multiple webstore domains against one ERP system, you’re into more advanced functionality.

FocusPoint is designed with these scenarios in mind. In many cases, you can simply adjust your pricing package and configure the new functionality, rather than going straight into costly customization work, as would be the case with robust solutions like Magento. Based on our experience, FocusPoint offers similar functionality to a Magento solution, but at half the cost.

A complete eCommerce package at a predictable cost

For growing distributors, simplicity is key. The fewer applications in your tech stack and the fewer vendors you have to manage, the better. FocusPoint delivers on that, with a fixed monthly fee that covers your website hosting, software subscription and integration. And with the rest of your business data housed in your SAP Business One system, you have a simple, but powerful, eCommerce ERP solution.

Ready to explore SAP Business One eCommerce?

While there’s no one solution that fits every single company, when it comes to SAP Business One eCommerce options, we’re big fans of FocusPoint – it strikes a good balance between cost and capability. And our customers agree – we’ve helped several SAP Business One customers move their eCommerce sites from other platforms to FocusPoint. Curious to learn more? Let’s chat about the opportunities for your business with SAP Business One eCommerce.

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