SAP Business One Events: Moving Businesses Forward – Recap of Momentum

Jalene Ippolito May 19, 2016

Last week we hosted the first annual Momentum event – our one-day conference dedicated to helping our customers better leverage their SAP Business One systems, now and into the future. We kicked things off with the event in Toronto on Tuesday, then did it all over again in Saskatoon on Thursday. To say we were amazed at the response from our customers (and “almost customers”) is an understatement. In fact, we had such a great turnout in Toronto that we exceeded our original capacity and suddenly had fire code regulations to work around!

Over the course of two days, over 100 attendees took in sessions from the ProjectLine and SAP teams on SAP Business One features and functionality – either currently available or in the near future. To give you an idea, our sessions covered analytics and dashboards, what’s new in version 9.2, and the SAP Business One roadmap, including the future of HANA.

Content aside, this event provided the opportunity for our customers to speak one-on-one with our team members, as well as representatives from SAP and other system users. In a technological world, where we do a lot of work via email, instant messaging and video chat, it makes a big difference—to our customers and to us—to actually put a face to a name and connect in person.

From our perspective, the event was a huge success – not only did we have the undivided attention of a large cross-section of our clients to communicate some important product information, we got some very valuable feedback from them as well. We had some more informal discussions about challenges our customers are seeing in their businesses that we can help them address. And we got a good sense of the topics that are top of mind for SAP Business One users, which we are already integrating into our plan to ensure we’re providing the most valuable content.

Now let’s shift gears – what did our customers get out of Momentum? We posed this question to attendees: “What did you find most valuable about the event?”. Here are a handful of the comments we received:

  • “It’s an opportunity to be exposed to ideas and functionality that I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.”

  • “Learning more about what SAP Business One can do for us and connecting with ProjectLine.”

  • “SAP Customer Influence Site.” (If you’re not aware of it, be sure to check it out and submit your improvement ideas)

  • “Connecting with a community of users.”

  • “Hearing problems and solutions from other businesses.”

  • “Attendance by SAP people.” (Thanks again to Mary Coppard, Paul Killingsworth and Idit Saguey!)

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