3 Reasons SAP Business One Users Should Join ASUG

Jalene Ippolito July 08, 2016

The annual ASUG SAP Business One Conference is just around the corner, taking place in Miami, FL, September 26 to 28. So, if you’re not an ASUG member yet, this is a great time to ask...why the heck not?! Ask any member of ASUG if it’s worthwhile and they’ll tell you straight away that it is. Don’t know any members? Not to worry, we’ll break down the benefits for you and have you ready to join, just in time for September’s Conference.

1. Education

Let’s face it, as easy as SAP Business One is to use, it encompasses your entire business, so there’s a lot to learn in terms of functionality and best practices. We try to provide you with lots of useful resources, as does SAP, but ASUG is another valuable resource for education and training. ASUG’s content also has the benefit of a different perspective – that of the user.

2. Networking

Which leads us to the next benefit of ASUG membership – networking. Hearing from the system experts (ProjectLine and SAP) is useful, but there’s still something to be said for drawing on real-world experience and insight from businesses similar to yours. ASUG offers you a tremendous opportunity to touch base with other SAP Business One users in your industry, swap stories about how you’re leveraging the system for your business, and pick up some new ideas that might be useful to you moving forward.

3. Influence

Although ASUG is completely independent of SAP, the organization has a direct line to SAP product development. And here’s the best part – SAP listens. So get involved, have your voice heard and play a part in driving future product improvements. After all, improvements to SAP Business One mean improvements to your business as well.

An Extra Bonus...

As an ASUG member, you get discounted registration for the ASUG SAP Business One Conference too! You can count on a schedule packed with valuable content each year. Curious to hear what SAP Business One users say? Hear what some of our customers thought about the 2015 ASUG Conference.

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