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Back in August 2001, our shareholders, all former colleagues, were at a crossroads – did they part ways and each move on to new jobs? Or did they band together and start a new company? And so, over the span of a weekend, ProjectLine was formed and in business with our first client shortly thereafter. Things moved quickly in the early days of the company and we’ve kept up the same pace ever since. We’ve grown from a team of 4 to nearly 40 employees in locations across Canada and globally. Read on for some of the major milestones and successes we’ve seen over the years.

  • Around a kitchen table
    August 15 2001
    Former co-workers start a new company
  • First sales lead
    August 16 2001
  • First office
    August 20 2001
    Begin work on our first proposal in our new office: an old hotel room, with file storage in the bathtub and servers in the closet
  • Land first project
    September 11 2001
  • First office move
    November 2001
    We move into a new space, with real offices and everything!
  • Complete first project
    April 2002
    On time, on budget
  • Launch first product
    September 2002
    Enterprise Project Manager (EPM)
  • Launch emLine product
    October 2003
    First web-based Environmental Information Management System (EIMS)
  • SAP Business One
    April 2004
    Become one of the first SAP Business One resellers in Canada
  • Open second office
    January 2005
    Winnipeg, MB
  • SAP gold partner
    Achieve gold partner status
  • SAP Partner Advisory Council
    Appointed to North American SAP Partner Advisory Council, Charter Member
  • Hosting practice
    Open first dedicated data center in Canada for SAP Business One
  • Open third office
    February 2014
    Edmonton, AB
  • Become national
    April 2014
    Open office in Ontario
  • New Saskatoon office
    July 2014
    Move to a larger office to accommodate our growing team
  • Go global
    November 2015
    Acquire business in New Zealand
  • Open fourth office
    February 2016
    Calgary, AB
  • 15 years!
    August 2016
    August officially marks our 15th year in business
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