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Flexible Solutions to Meet Industry-specific Needs

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges, processes and reporting requirements, but many problems are common across industry sectors. In addition to core SAP Business One functionality, our industry solutions integrate seamlessly to provide extended functionality specific to the needs of your business. We have customers in a variety of industries already using SAP Business One solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. Let us do the same for you.

Don’t see your industry listed below? No need to worry. SAP Business One is designed to work with small and mid-size businesses across all industries.

Industries We Serve

Business management solutions for inventory and distribution

Inventory & Distribution

A significant portion of your business is wholesale distribution, often with some element of sales and service.

Customer Services


Your business involves working on individual jobs or projects.

Business management solutions for manufacturing


A significant part of your business involves light manufacturing with relatively simple processes.

Business management solutions tailored to your needs

Others with Unique Needs

Your business is a combination of inventory, service and manufacturing, or something else entirely!

How the Solution Works for You

As an integrated solution that incorporates functional areas across the entire organization, SAP Business One helps to simplify processes, improve data integrity and increase efficiency for virtually every member of your team. See how our solutions solve some of your business management challenges.


Meet Bill, he’s the CEO of a mid-size company.

How SAP Business One works for CEOs

Bill’s Problems
  • Making decisions based on outdated information due to a lengthy and manual reporting process.
  • Unneccesary time is spent maintaining multiple disconnected spreadsheets from different areas of the business.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Use standard queries, or build your own using intuitive drag-and-relate report tools, to quickly pull real-time data.
  • By having all your data in one integrated system, you can eliminate duplicate data entry, and make better use of the company’s human resources.

Meet Mary, she’s a Chief Financial Officer.

How SAP Business One works for Finance

Mary’s Problems
  • Manual period close processes are time consuming and often lead to data errors.
  • Getting a clear picture of the business’ financial position requires too much time and manual intervention.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Automate routine processes to speed up period close and avoid duplicate entries and data errors.
  • Easily track budgets and compare actuals vs. plans to see where you stand at any point in time.
Sales and Marketing

Meet Christopher, he’s part of the Sales and Marketing team.

How SAP Business One works for Sales and Marketing

Christopher’s Problems
  • Inability to accurately track progress on open sales opportunities results in lost prospects.
  • A lack of visibility on customer activity, like inquiries and support requests, negatively impact the team’s ability to provide customer service, often leading to dissatisfied customers.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Track opportunities from first contact, all the way to close so you always know where you stand with open leads.
  • Get a complete picture of your customers by tracking virtually any type of activity, like sales opportunities and purchase history, emails and phone calls.

Meet Sarah, she works in Purchasing for a small distribution firm.

How SAP Business One works for Purchasing

Sarah’s Problems
  • Manual processes used to manage backordered items are inefficient and prone to error.
  • Lack of visibility on what inventory is on-hand and available, leads to duplicate purchasing and increased inventory expenses.
  • Without a planning tool, it is difficult to effectively plan for future demand on a given product.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Orders for items not in stock are automatically flagged for Purchasing to expedite and reserve those items for the specific sales order
  • Built-in inventory management helps you optimize stock levels so you can avoid having too little or not enough
  • The MRP tool reacts to short-term demand and long-term planning requirements to provide accurate forecasts

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Warehouse Manager

Meet Mike, he’s a Warehouse Manager.

How SAP Business One works for Warehouse Managers

Mike’s Problems
  • Order accuracy is currently ensured by manually double checking orders before being sent out – a very time-consuming task that eats up valuable human resources.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Shippers can compare items scanned during packing against the items and quantities listed on the original sales order, and use item weight data stored in the system as a quick, two-point check.

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Project Manager

Meet Nancy, she’s a Project Manager for a small engineering services company.

How SAP Business One works for Finance

Nancy’s Problems
  • Simultaneously managing multiple projects using multiple systems for different information makes it easy to lose track of individual project statuses.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Project management is made easy, and businesses can improve customer service, using integrated reports, orders and workflows to gain complete project visibility.

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Project Team Member

Meet Sam, he’s a project team member for an engineering company.

How SAP Business One works for project team members

Sam’s Problems
  • Using disjointed systems leads to delays in communication of key information amongst the team and extended timelines.
  • Excel documents are shared back and forth via email, resulting in multiple versions and makes collaboration difficult.
  • A significant amount of time is spent in status meetings, taking away time that could be spent actually working on the project.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • With all of your project information in one system, all you need is an internet connection to access data via remote desktop connection or the mobile app.
  • Eliminate version control issues with all team members accessing the latest up-to-date information in a single system.
  • Quickly assess the status of any project with real-time reporting, so team members can dedicate their time to what matters most – moving the project forward.

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Meet Gail, she’s part of the Finance team at an engineering services firm.

How SAP Business One works for Finance

Gail’s Problems
  • Accuracy of billable time and expense tracking is not reliable, which flows down to project budgets and invoicing.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Streamlined processes allow you to easily capture all project-related expenses and generate client invoices faster, improving cash flow.

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Meet Dan, he’s an Accountant at a small firm that uses job costing.

How SAP Business One works for Accountants

Dan’s Problems
  • Not clear on what the running costs of current jobs are.
  • Cannot track non-billable resources and materials against a job, making it difficult to evaluate job profitability.
  • Separate systems for job tracking and accounting means double entry of billable time, materials and other expenses, taking additional time and resulting in regular data errors.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Gain visibility on all active jobs and get real-time reporting on job costs.
  • Track all pertinent costs (billable and non-billable) against each job.
  • In a single, integrated system, information from the field is automatically updated for the accounting department, reducing errors and time required to invoice the customer.

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Field Technician

Meet Brad, he’s a field technician.

How SAP Business One works for Field Technicians

Brad’s Problems
  • Does not have access to pertinent job information in the field, requiring frequent calls back to home base throughout the day.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Integrated scheduling and mobile functionality gives full visibility throughout the day and allows for seamless communication and changes as necessary.

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Operations Manager

Meet Patrick, he’s the Operations Manager for a mid-size manufacturing firm.

How SAP Business One works for Operations

Patrick’s Problems
  • Production scheduling takes up a significant amount of time, trying to coordinate all of the necessary resources and materials.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Easily create production BOMs that include the required type, quantity and price of materials, key resources, and routing instructions, which are automatically carried through to your work orders.

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Shop Floor Employee

Meet John, he works on the shop floor at a manufacturing plant.

How SAP Business One works for Shop Floor Employees

John’s Problems
  • He’s required to use the ERP system, but he’s not very comfortable with complex computer systems.
The SAP Business One Solution
  • Tailor the interface for specific users so they only see the functionality they need, making it easy to use and avoiding confusion in the process.

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