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SAP Business One – The ERP Choice for 60,000+ Small and Mid-size Companies

Explore how ProjectLine – a trusted SAP gold partner – can help you optimize operations to achieve your growth goals.

Delivering the Benefits of ERP that Matter to Your Business

We enable our customers to run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably, using best-in-class business management software, SAP Business One. We see ourselves as your business partner, with a common goal of finding solutions that can help your business grow.

Whatever your business challenges, we can help.

Do What You Do. Better.

Where are You in Your ERP Search?

How do I know if I’m ready to move on from my existing software package?

How do I pick the right ERP and partner for my small or mid-size business?

Is SAP Business One the right solution for my business? I want more information.

What Does ProjectLine Do?

We are an implementation partner for SAP Business One. What exactly does that mean? Imagine you’re renovating your kitchen – you’ll likely call an expert to help you assess your needs and provide some recommendations for the project. When it comes to ERP—and SAP Business One specifically—we’re the experts. We conduct a thorough assessment of your business needs and help you come up with a design that makes the most sense for your company. Then we make that design a reality, ensuring the software fits the specifications and works for your company’s needs – now and into the future as you grow.

Ron Price

“They [ProjectLine] understand the business the same way we understand the business. They’re invested in our success the same way our staff are invested in the success of the project.”
Ron Price, Silver Crystal Sports

Scott Delaney

“ProjectLine has unlocked value and given us a dexterity—and enhanced our agility—and given us access to our data and an understanding of our own business, leveraging SAP Business One.”
Scott Delaney, Lumenix

Tom Boehm

“If we had not gone with SAP Business One, and not gone with a strong partner like ProjectLine Solutions, then I fear that our business would not have been able to grow to the size that it is today.”
Tom Boehm, Team Power Solutions

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP (enterprise resource management) system designed specifically to meet the needs of growing small and mid-size companies. It gives you the robust functionality you need to effectively manage all aspects of your business, without the complexity. Take a 60-second tour to see how SAP Business One allows you to run simple.

SAP Business One in 60 seconds