Top 3 Things to Know About Remote Support Platform

Your business can't afford standstills or set backs, which is why we use Remote Support Platform (RSP) to make sure your system is running the way it should be. RSP is an automated tool that allows you to increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce maintenance time. It proactively monitors the health status and integrity of your databases and sends the results directly to our Customer Success Team, who can then notify you about potential issues.

Monitoring Backups

Remote Support Platform monitors your database backups and notifies us if a backup fails or has not been run so we can take corrective action.

Monitoring System Performance

RSP monitors system performance and reports on multiple facets of the system, including CPU, RAM, Hard Drive space, SAP version, add-ons, UDF’s and much more.

Scheduling Maintenance Tasks

We can use RSP to schedule routine maintenance tasks and pro-actively monitor your database for issues and provide corrections directly from SAP.

Watch the video to see how Remote Support Platform helps us protect your SAP Business One system.

September 19th 2018