Using SAP Business One Alerts & Approval Procedures

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manually manage all the different rules around discounts, credit limits, upcoming payments, outstanding balances, etc. So, wouldn’t be great if your system could automatically handle all of these different checks and balances?

Some Everyday Examples

As a Sales Manager, wouldn’t you’d like to know if your sales reps are entering illegal discounts on a quote, and force those quotes to be approved before they’re provided to the customer?

Or as a Controller, would you like to be alerted if upcoming supplier invoices are encroaching upon their due dates so that you can make timely payments?

As an order entry person, perhaps you’d like a pop-up message to warn you if a customer is over their credit limit.

Work Proactively with Custom Alerts and Approvals

These features are available to you through standard SAP Business One. But not all users know how to turn them on and take advantage of them. Watch this recorded webinar to see how easy it is to use these features. You'll gain an understanding of how you can instantly benefit from better workflow automation and validation. You'll also have better insight into your system information so you can make timely decisions.

September 27th 2017