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CRM Isn't Just for the Sales Guys - 4 Ways to Use CRM Functionality

Managing Business Relationships, Inside & Out Many organizations use customer relationship management (CRM) software to [...]

Picture of Derin Hildebrandt
Derin Hildebrandt June 16th, 2021

Topics: ERP, Business Process

Upgrade Your Business Management Software and Ditch the Spreadsheets

Do you ever find yourself looking out the window, trying to decide if your front lawn looks as nice as your next-door [...]

Picture of Jalene Ippolito
Jalene Ippolito July 28th, 2020

Topics: ERP, Business Process

5 Reasons Why You Must Consolidate Disparate Systems with ERP Software

How many separate software applications do you use across your entire business? 10? 20? 50? Your gut might say those [...]

Picture of Jalene Ippolito
Jalene Ippolito June 25th, 2020

Topics: Business Process

SMB Guide to Measuring Vendor Performance

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.” – Peter Drucker Regardless of the business you are in, your vendors [...]

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Reggie Fernandes April 21st, 2020

Topics: Business Process, SMB Survival Kit

Evolution of Business and Software - Adapting ERP Systems to Change

A Darwinian Theory of ERP Software Darwin believed that species adapt and evolve to suit their environment and that [...]

Picture of Derin Hildebrandt
Derin Hildebrandt September 13th, 2018

Topics: ERP, Business Process

How to Start Simplifying Your Business Processes

Business simplification is increasingly recognized as a strategic requirement for companies seeking to innovate and [...]

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Jalene Ippolito October 27th, 2016

Topics: Business Process

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