SAP Business One Tip: Change Your Font Size

Maximizing small details.

Are there any SAP Business One users out there that love it to pieces, except for one huge, or should I say extremely small, detail??? Anyone out there like me and simply straining to read the font on the SAP Business One dashboard?

Font size - eye test

It’s just too small!!!

This is particularly true if you’re like me, and you like the benefits of cranking your screen resolution up for everything else, like viewing pictures. The reality is, most computer displays that are at so called ‘optimal resolution’ will typically display Business One with a font size that would rival the small print on any crafty legal document. I know I’m not the only one. I’ve heard this criticism from others before as well. It’s not that I have bad eyes, I can actually see small things quite well, but I have to strain to do it. Most of us don’t realize that we all strain our eyes, even just a little bit, when we look at our computer screens. There are a number of things that one can do to reduce this strain. Whether you find yourself straining a bit too much, or simply can’t see the font all that well, there’s help!

I’ve discovered two potential solutions to the small font problem.

Adjusting the Font Size in SAP Business One

The first way involves simply setting the font size bigger in SAP Business One. To do this, you’ll need access to change the font settings in the admin settings. This might be something you’ll need to get your system administrator to help you with if you don’t have the access. I’m including screenshots on how to get at this. This will have the effect of immediately increasing the font size in the main dashboard area of Business One. The only drawback to this is, the bigger you make the font, the more it changes the layout of your Business One dashboard. This can be so worth it if you’re looking for bigger words! Usually you can find that happy medium font size that increases it just enough, but also allows you to re-size windows so they still fit comfortably, and you’re getting a good use of the real estate. Although this helps a lot, it doesn’t increase the font size on the main title bar across the top, or the font size of the subsequent menus beneath those headings. This is a windows thing!

Change font in SAP Business One - 1

Adjusting the Font Size in Windows

This leads me to the second procedure you might like to try, changing the overall size of fonts in windows. Again, sequences of videos that help illustrate this point are shown below. It depends on the version of windows you’re using, but you’re looking for the folder in the control panel that has to do with controlling fonts on the system. If you’re not sure where to find this, offer to buy your favorite computer geek a beverage or something. You’re looking for the area that lets you reset the size of icons and text. In the recent version of Windows 10, you’re able to scale the fonts based on regular size and upwards by a percentage over normal. When the heck did small become regular size eh? Personally, I just need the fonts a touch bigger, and I usually enter the custom number of 125% to make the fonts 25% bigger. This will affect all fonts on the system, so that’s why it’s important not to overdo it. If you choose a real high number, your fonts will quickly start to take over your computer. After specifying a new size and clicking ‘Apply’, your computer is going to want to temporarily log you out and back in.

  1. Find your control panel menu item.
    Change font in SAP Business One - 2
  2. Find Ease of Access Center in your control panel.
    Change font in SAP Business One - 3
  3. Find Make the Computer Easier to See in the Ease of Access Center.
    Change font in SAP Business One - 4
  4. Find Change the size of text and icons link in this window.
    Change font in SAP Business One - 5
  5. Use the slider bar under the display map visual to slide the text and icons to a larger scale.
    Change font in SAP Business One - 6

Give it a try! I hope this helps those who just want a little more clarity in their business clarity. Contact us if you want to talk further about your business goals with SAP Business One.

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