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Jalene Ippolito September 5th, 2013

Do you and your team have visibility on key business information? If the answer is no, there's a couple common reasons why. Sometimes the problem is too much information, or at least too much of the wrong information. When an employee sits down to complete a task, how much time and effort is spent wading through filing cabinets of folders, menu screens and different software programs? Then once they've found the information they need, how much time do they spend compiling the reports to provide useful insight?

Particularly in growing organizations, it can be extremely difficult to zero in on the appropriate information while tuning out everything else. Too much information can be as much of a barrier to visibility as too little information.

Thankfully, SAP Business One provides powerful reporting tools that can help keep your employees focused on the data and documents they need to do their jobs and not waste time sorting through unnecessary information to get there.

Keep your most important data front and center with SAP Business One dashboard analytics

The cockpit in SAP Business One is a personalized work center that's designed to streamline and improve your daily routine. One of the most powerful features is the built-in dashboard that provides instant visibility into your most important KPIs. This could include service call analysis or top sales by customer, items or sales representative. The dashboard is easy to customize, so each user in your organization can see the information that's most relevant to them as soon as they login to SAP Business One. Gone are the days of running endless reports and hunting for answers to the most important questions – it's all right there on your dashboard.

Setup your SAP Business One cockpit for easy access to commonly used documents and functions

Aside from providing valuable business intelligence, the SAP Business One cockpit can be configured so that all the functionality you need regular access to is grouped in one area. You'll save time sifting through various menu options or running multiple reports. Each user can quickly and easily customize their cockpit using widgets, each of which is your gateway to information you need ready access to. This could include items like a list of all orders that are ready to be invoiced, or a list of invoices that are past due and need follow up. You can also select and display only the documents that are used on a regular basis, creating a business process workflow. Take a peak at the cockpits in SAP Business One HANA.

You might say that these tools improve visibility by providing greater focus. Productive time increases for every individual in your organization, with easy access to the appropriate data. Just as important, though, is the fact that not all information is being served up to all employees, all of the time. Just as the A/R data entry clerk doesn't necessarily need to review Production Orders, the CEO probably doesn't need to review every single Sales Order that comes through. Using the cockpit helps conform the daily work experience to the actual tasks of each individual, leading to greater productivity, efficiency and profitability.

If you're finding it tough to see what's going on in your business – either because you have too much data or not the right data at the right time – we should chat. We're one of the top Canadian SAP Business One partners. We know the system inside out, so we can help you improve operations and achieve the visibility you need to grow your business.

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September 5th 2013
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