7 Ways to Optimize Cash Flow During a Downturn

Improve cash flow management with these practical, actionable tips you can put to use right away.

Cash flow is critical for every business, but it can be an even higher priority for small to mid-size businesses. Even relatively minor market fluctuations can have a significant impact on cash flow. Major economic disruptions like we've seen with COVID-19 have the potential to throw SMBs into a crisis quite quickly. The key to sustaining these ups and downs is keeping tight reign on your cash flow to ensure you can continue meeting your regular financial commitments. No business owner wants to be awake at night, worrying about whether they can make payroll.

This 20-minute video is packed with practical advice to help business owners and finance teams optimize cash flow to not just weather a downturn, but accelerate out of it.

Collectively, our speakers – David Meyers and Reggie Fernandes – have 40 years of experience working with SMBs. They've helped small and mid-size business owners get through market crashes and go on to run successful companies for years afterward.

Watch the video to hear their advice and pick up strategies you can start executing on immediately.

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